Capital Region Forecast: Continuous steam flares with nearly daily storms possible


A somewhat subjective rating for today’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: Minor improvements during Friday include lower heat index values ​​and temperatures, along with a slightly less chance of showers and storms. However, one or two heavy rains are possible.

  • today: Chance of rain/storm, especially afternoon peak times: high 80s to low 90s.
  • Tonight: Light rain/storm chance. come on. The dips: mid-70s up.
  • tomorrow: Light rain/storm chance. Highs: roughly 90’s to mid 90’s.

In the little rinsing and repetition we are used to during summer days in dogs, D.C. has almost non-stop ahead and mainly daily opportunities for showers and storms – especially during the afternoon and evening hours. Please move quickly to safety when you hear thunder. Monday might be the day when the chances of it raining least, in case you can focus on outdoor activities at that time.

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today is Saturday): With liquid dew points likely in the mid-70s, heat index values ​​in the mid-90s are likely to be in the hottest and most active regions. The thermometer may outperform the upper 80s to the 90s. The sky is partly cloudy, but we may end up seeing a bit more sunshine than on Friday.

A few drops of rain are possible most of the time at any time during the day, but the main (and only moderate) chance of showers and storms begin in the middle of the afternoon. The number of storms should be less than on Friday, but one or two storms can still be strong to severe. We have a slight 5-10 percent chance of a flood or two. Moderate south afternoon breezes are possible at about 10-15 mph. Confidence: Medium – High

Tonight: Evening chance of showers and storms may extend close to midnight, but any rain activity should wane in intensity and coverage before then. The sky will likely remain mostly cloudy, even after the rain has passed. The mid to high 70s are the best we can do for cooler temperatures. of. We thank the mid-1970s dew points that prevent the atmosphere from cooling well below this level. Confidence: Medium – High

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tomorrow is Sunday): May the sky give you brighter hair from Saturday, and the corresponding (lower hair) shower and stormy chances. With more sunshine, high temperatures rise a little more to nearly 90 in the mid-90s. As the afternoon falls, remember to head inside if thunder rumbles. Some storms may erupt throughout the area, especially from mid-afternoon onwards.

Mild breezes from south to southwest may be noticeable during the afternoon hours. Do I even need to mention how wet you will feel? Well, it is possible that the values ​​\u200b\u200bof the heat index are about 100 degrees – this is a combination of humidity and air temperature. Confidence: Medium – High

Tomorrow night: After sunset, the chances of precipitation decrease, but not completely out. There is little chance of a shower or storm until the early morning hours. The sky is slowly clearing, and any breezes calm down as dawn approaches. Harsh low temperatures hover in the mid-70s and up. Confidence: Medium

Evaporation may continue Monday and Tuesday, with high temperatures ranging from the low to the mid-nineties. Dew points may not slip so much, if at all, as previously thought. This means that heat index values ​​in the low 100s are possible. Chances of precipitation remain minimal on Monday versus Tuesday. However, the chance of showers and storms on any given day cannot be ruled out – especially during the afternoon and evening hours. Low temperatures drop to the usual range recently, from the mid-70s onwards. Confidence: Medium

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