FIFA World Cup 2022: RBLZ Umut wins the title

19 years Hope “Hope” Gultekin From Germany Join the ranks of the FIFA elite by winning the FIFA World Cup™. After a heated tournament, he emerged victorious and lifted the trophy at the Bella Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark, in front of a house full of die-hard FIFA fans.
The RBLZ Gaming star made his way through the competition, and he dominated right from the start. His group stage record was simply outstanding, and he led straight to the Grand Final, putting in advanced lessons every step of the way to claiming the title of champion.

Umut topped Group C with its 10-time win – more than any participant in the group stage – four losses and zero draw. His group was hotly contested and even dubbed the “Group of Death”, yet he managed to come up with an incredible record. Over the course of 14 matches, he scored a total of 28 goals with a goal difference of 11, earning the 30 points needed to top his group.

In fact, along with Manuel Manu Patchur Pachor of Group D, those 30 points were the most superior of any group leader, and Umut also beats him in wins. Clearly, his success took off early.

Heading into the knockout stage, Umut continued his confident display in the group stage, managing to conceded no more than one goal per match, and barely allowing his opponents a glimmer of hope. His first match in the round of 16, against Brazilian player Gabriel Young Freitas, saw Umut lead with two goals in both matches, allowing his opponent to surpass him with only one goal. While the newcomer put in a brave effort, the Umut experience got him into the quarter-finals.

Umut plays with Nicholas 99 FC in the FIFA World Cup Grand Final

© Joseph Martinson / FIFA

His next match against Argentine Matiasbonanno9 Bonanno proved the toughest challenge, as Umut lost the first match 1–0. Bonanno’s fast air ball put Umut on edge and he will only score in the second leg. Umut and Bonanno goalless after 90 minutes had possession during overtime; But Umut managed to grab the momentum and secure a 4-0 win, ensuring his lead thanks to the goal difference.

In the semi-finals Umut’s next match was against 22-year-old Dutchman Emre Ilmaz. Despite the drama in the quarter-finals, Umut pressed his opponent and emerged victorious in the first match, winning 2-1, before sweeping the second game 2-0. That would have secured his spot in the Grand Final and with everything to play for, nerves were frayed.

It all goes back to the final showdown between Umut and Nicolas99fc’ Villa of Guild Esports. Umut found himself in a good position by the Argentine player, as the first leg went without a single goal. The atmosphere was tense with the move to the second match, but nevertheless, the goal failed to be achieved. Even the extra time was negative, which led to penalties to decide everything.

Both players were amazingly accurate, but the decisive tackle from Umut allowed him to gain the upper hand. He maintained that lead by one goal, and finished the penalty shootout with a goal ahead of Nicholas 99 FC to win the series and championship.

After winning, the player takes home the grand prize of $250,000 out of their $500,000 prize pool. Completing his first visit to the FIFA World Cup™ as a World Champion is a huge achievement for the young player and will surely be a highlight of his e-sports career. He follows in the footsteps of former champion Mohamed ‘MoAuba’ Harkous as the second consecutive world champion in Germany.

The fun of FIFA is just getting started, as next week sees the FIFA Club World Cup kick off from July 20-23. Next, the 2022 FIFA Nations Cup, which will run from 27-30 July, will be held at the Bella Arena in Copenhagen.

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