How England could be in the Rugby World Cup Finals

(LR) George Williams, Sam Tomkins, Tommy Mackinson and Victor Radley could all be in the England squad for the World Cup.

We are creating how every country can line up before the World Cup, in collaboration with can play. This week, it’s England!

In these weekly articles, we pick our predictable side that can represent England. This can include players born in that country, with a heritage to the nation or even residence.

first 11 France, Jamaica cook islands, Fiji, ireland, Wales, Papua New Guinea Greece, Italia, Lebanon and Scotland. Now is the time to England

How England could be in the World Cup Finals

1. Sam Tomkins

Sam Tomkins

Tomkins is set to be England’s number one in the world, having captained his country in their latest 18-4 victory over the United Nations All-Star.

The 33-year-old former Man of Steel has been in great shape with the Catalan Dragons this season. With over 300 career games under his belt, Tomkins will bring a wealth of experience to Shawn Wayne’s team this fall.

Tomkins: Leading England at the World Cup will be one of the highlights of your career

2. Tommy Mackinson

Tommy Mackinson St Helens

McKinson has been a standout winger in the Premier League for several years now. The St Helens winger is currently leading the way for points in the Premier League this season.

McKinson only made his England debut in 2018, so he could make his World Cup debut this year.

3. Herbie Farnworth

Herbie Farnworth Brisbane Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos center has been sidelined with a biceps injury since June, but England are hoping he will be available to play at the World Cup.

Lancashire-born Farnworth scored 19 attempts in 53 games for the Broncos. It would be a huge boost for England if he comes back in time for the World Cup.

4. Harry Newman

Harry Newman Leeds Rhino

Newman has already played more than 50 games for Leeds despite being just 22 years old.

He has won international titles with the Knights of England, but has yet to make his debut. Could that come at this year’s World Cup?

5. Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall England

Hall is one of the most experienced players in this squad, having made 38 caps for England, scoring 35 attempts.

The 34-year-old Hull KR winger could play in the World Cup Finals for the third time at the end of the year.

Monster: Ryan Hall on no plans to retire and his goal in the World Cup with England

6. Johnny Lomax

Johnny Lomax Super League Sky Sports

Lomax has been a mainstay at St Helens since its inception in 2009. The three-time Grand Final winner scored 121 attempts in 286 matches for Saints.

Lomax played 11 caps for Great Britain and England. He played in the last World Cup in 2017.

7. George Williams

George Williams, England

Is this the time for Williams to shine in the England shirt? He has been with the England national team and around it since 2015, winning 11 international matches.

The half-back from Warrington is a constant threat to opponents’ defenses with his tricky moves. It will be key if England are to have a successful World Cup campaign.

8. Luke Thompson

Luke Thompson Canterbury Bulldogs

Thompson has admired the NRL since moving to the Canterbury Bulldogs in 2020.

The 27-year-old will play in his first World Cup finals this year. He won two Premier League titles with St Helens.

9. James Ruby

James Ruby

The St Helen legend had already announced his international retirement last September after the World Cup was postponed for a year.

But his exceptional level of performance has been maintained at club level, although 2022 is expected to be his last season as a player.

There has been a lot of talk about Robbie returning to the England fold to play in the World Cup. Still one of the best prostitutes in the world.

Ruby: If he’s fit, he’ll play – Tomkins supports Robbie in the World Cup tournament

10. Tom Burgess

Tom Burgess, South Sydney Rabbitos, Pennsylvania

Burgess has enjoyed an exceptional career thus far. He played two seasons in the Premier League with Bradford before joining the South Sydney Rabbits, where he has since made over 200 appearances.

The 30-year-old has made 25 caps for his country and will play in the World Cup finals for the third time this year.

11. Elliot Whitehead

Elliot Whitehead Canberra Raiders Palestinian Authority

Bradfordian Whitehead has been a mainstay in the England camp since his international debut in 2014. He was also part of Team Great Britain in 2019.

The Canberra Raiders striker will bring plenty of experience to Wayne’s side, having made more than 350 appearances.

12. John Bateman

John Bateman Wigan Warriors

Batman is a player who has succeeded in both hemispheres. The Bradfordian has won two Premier League titles, the World Club Challenge and the Challenge Cup with Wigan.

The 28-year-old has played 17 caps for England and four for Great Britain.

13. Victor Radley

Victor Radley Sydney Roosters England Pennsylvania

Sydney-born Radley pledged allegiance to England before the World Cup because he wanted to represent his father Nigel, who is from Sheffield.

The 24-year-old has sacrificed playing for State of Origin and for Australia by advertising for England. Radley plays with a lot of passion and desire, and will undoubtedly fit in with Wayne’s style.


14. Mickey McClurum

Michael McIlroy

McClurum could play in his fourth World Cup Finals this fall. He has represented his Irish legacy in two tournaments and could play in his second in England this year.

There’s no secret that Wayne is a huge fan of Wigan’s former prostitute McClurum. The Catalan Dragons star played in England’s latest win over the United Nations All-Star.

15. Alex Walmsley

Alex Walmsley St Helens SWpix
Photo: Alan Mackenzie/Subex

We only put Walmsley on the bench in our squad because of the impact he can have when he comes halfway through matches when the opponent is tired.

The 6-foot-5, 18-piece stone powerhouse developed into a cult champion in his 10 seasons at St Helens, winning four Premier League titles and a Challenge Cup.

16. Morgan Knowles

Morgan Knowles St Helens SWpix
Photo: Alan Mackenzie/Subex

Barrow-born Knowles played for Wales at the World Cup in 2017. He represented his Welsh ancestry, qualifying at the expense of his Ronda-born mother.

But the St. Helen striker switched his allegiance to become his native England in 2020. He made his England debut the following year against the United Nations All-Star.

The beauty of having Knowles on the bench is his ability to play anywhere in the front group. He can even play as a prostitute if necessary.

Adrian Morley: Morgan Knowles, captain of England for many years

17. Matty Liz

Mate is not England SWpix
Photo: Paul Currie / SWpix

Last place on the bench goes to Lis, who has matured into one of the Premier League’s top rowers in recent years.

Lees may only be 24 years old, but he’s won three major finals as well as played over 100 games for champion St. Helens. The Rochdale-born striker made his England debut earlier this year,

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