How Jesica Korda Compete Despite Losing Her Bag at the AIG Women’s Open

Jessica Korda’s bag is still stuck at Zurich airport.

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In a story that appears to be the opposite of the “Traveling Pants Sisters,” Jessica Korda has had four different pants suppliers this week so far.

“On Monday I wore Megan Kang pants,” Korda said after her first round at the AIG Women’s Open. “Tuesday, I put on my sister’s pants and I wore Allison Lee’s pants on Wednesday. Today I’m wearing FootJoy pants.”

How could a 5-foot-11 Corda fit in the 5-foot-1 Khang’s pants?

“She’s pulling up her pants,” Korda said. “Meghan looks nothing like 5ft so she lifts her pants a lot. So they fit me perfectly.”

The Korda bag has yet to arrive in Scotland, echoing a story we’ve heard several times this summer, Including from this author. After getting a little help from her friends (and sister) for the first few days of the week, her patron FootJoy came in with a clutch load just before the first round.

Nelly Korda

To understand Muirfield’s brilliance, just watch the first round of Nelly Korda


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Perhaps the distraction during the start of the week allowed Korda to relax when she fired a 5 Under-66, featuring four birds and an eagle, to share second place, one stroke behind leader Hinako Shibuno after the first round.

She said she accepted that the bag would not appear before the first round.

“I had given up on her by Wednesday,” Korda said. “If it comes here, great, but if not, it is what it is. At this point, I am playing championship golf. FootJoy sent me a set of clothes. Yes, we are just trying to figure it out from there.”

She said she had an AirTag tracker on her bag, so she knew she was still at Zurich airport. But she can’t make anyone get it.

“So if anyone knows anyone at Zurich airport who would like to put my bag on one flight on the day they arrived in Edinburgh, I would greatly appreciate it,” Korda said.

Hopefully, the mid-to-high ’60s forecast will last for the rest of the week, because most of Korda’s warm clothes and gear were in her bag.

She said, “My hands are getting hot.” “My hands get really cold so I wear gloves all the time. That, and I have a lot of heat spots for my lower back. And my vitamins, I don’t have them.”

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