Huntsville scores professional football at Joe Davis Stadium

Posted in 12 July 2022

Professional football is coming to Joe Davis Stadium in Huntsville. Mayor Tommy Battle announced a partnership with Nashville football club (SC) to launch the upcoming MLS NEXT Pro Team in Huntsville. The team will begin competing in the 2023 MLS NEXT Pro season.

“Football has always been one of the most popular and fastest growing sports in our region,” said Mayor Patel. “When City decided to renovate Joe Davis Stadium and convert their stadium into a mixed-use stadium, we hoped professional football would find its way here. Today, we are proud to bring this exciting sporting advantage to our community.”

The inaugural season of MLS NEXT Pro, a new men’s professional soccer league, began in March with the participation of 21 clubs. The league is committed to spearheading a new era of football in North America by offering new opportunities to players, coaches, referees and business professionals.

“When we started building our MLS team in Nashville, we talked a lot about the key ingredients that made Nashville a perfect football city: great energy, a strong business community and true civic pride,” said Ian Ayer, CEO of Nashville SC. “It’s quite apparent while spending time in Huntsville that the same raw ingredients are here. We couldn’t be more excited to bring the MLS NEXT Pro team to Huntsville and an amazing stadium project.”

The city will present an agreement with the professional football club to the city council for approval at its regular meeting on July 14. The contract will allow the city to lease the stadium to NSH NEXTCO LLC, which will operate the facility year-round. NSH NEXTCO will establish a professional football club affiliated with Nashville Football, a major league football club. Team Huntsville will compete in the newly formed MLS NEXT Pro League. Nashville SC and City of Huntsville will announce more information about the team’s identity, branding and schedule in the coming months.

Update: The city council has unanimously approved a contract with NSH NEXTCO, LLC. Watch Joe Davis Stadium Rental Presentation

The renovation of Joe Davis Stadium, located in John Hunt Park at 3125 Lyman Ferry Road, Huntsville, is scheduled for completion in May 2023. When it opens, the 6,000-seat facility will accommodate other groups, including football games at Huntsville City School. Friday night. The multi-use fields will also be available for frisbee, rugby, lacrosse and other events such as concerts and religious services.

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