It’s time for the Golden Knights to return to Logan Thompson

I am totally and wholeheartedly opposed to some of the things that the Vegas Golden Knights fan base do to Robin Lehner. Some of the Facebook comments people leave are frustrating and disturbing. He was basically bullied from Twitter. And don’t get me started on the Lehner Sucks jacket.

These things grind cogs from a basic human point of view. Lehner is a very open person about his mental health. But with that being said, I’m not advocating Lehner playing.

My job is to analyze the performance of Leiner and the Golden Knight. In his four games back from injury, Robin Lehner hasn’t been great. I think he has the potential to be a consistent player in the National Hockey League. But I haven’t seen him regularly this season.

A Lackluster Lehner recently

Rebound control was the Achilles heel of the Golden Knights and Lehner on Tuesday night against the Canucks. We saw Lehner give up a poor goal against Elias Peterson as he lost the puck after making a first save. Then in overtime, Quinn Hughes was given a superb recovery and scored the winner of the match.

Despite being one of the biggest goalkeepers in the league by volume, Lehner loves to come out of his net to challenge the bowler and cut a corner. But this resulted in him dropping out of the center and coming back to tackle the second and third ball.

The Golden Knights couldn’t wait for Liner to restore his injury to full health. They have eight games left and are behind in a highly competitive playoff race.

We could just sit here and criticize his game all day and it wouldn’t get us anywhere. So instead I will offer a solution, the most obvious one, sitting right on the Golden Knights seat.

It’s time for Thompson

With Laurent Brossoit on LTIR for the remainder of the regular season, Logan Thompson is VGK’s backup. In a stretch where both Lehner and Proswett were injured, Thompson started eight straight games. The Golden Knights went 6-2 in this stretch. Thompson currently has a savings ratio of 0.921% and an average target of 2.55.

We’ve only seen a glimpse of what Thompson can do at the NHL level. But in 13 games during his career, he has appeared calm, calm at the net and confident in himself. It is almost the complete opposite of Lehner.

I am writing this opinion piece during a crisis period for the Golden Knights. They are still outside the playoffs zone with only eight matches left. My point here is simple – you can’t count on a goalkeeper struggling to get you to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Golden Knights cannot afford to lose anymore and must be close to perfect to finish the regular season. Having a faltering goalkeeper is rarely acceptable, but at the moment, it is completely unacceptable for golden knights. If that means starting Logan Thompson against Johnny Gaudreau and Connor McDavid then so be it.

The Golden Knights will play the Calgary Flames game Thursday night, then finish their three-game wild ride against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday.

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