Jaguar will be counting on a talented student class this fall

August 5 – After playing with a senior squad in 2021, the North Laurel Jaguars will have to build on their youth in 2022, as they work to continue to be one of the top programs in the region.

Jaguars have large numbers on their team with 16 players on their roster, but the most experienced golfers are sophomores. North Laurel has a strong sophomore class of nine players, followed by four freshmen, and three seventh graders.

Coach Chris Stone described this year’s team as inexperienced, but full of talent.

“We’re only going back two sophomores from a big heavy team from last year. Besides these two returns, we have all our sophomores, first year students, and under,” Stone said. “We are very young and inexperienced. We have three sophomores with a lot of experience. We are young but talented.”

Brady Hensley, Cole Jervis and Jackson Jervis will be the three sophomores leading the way for Jaguar this season. Hensley has been one of Jaguar’s top golfers for a year, while Kole Jervis is looking forward to a big leap from his first season. Jaxon Jervis moved from South Laurel and brought more experience to the Jaguars team.

“Brady was our No. 2 for most of last year,” Stone said. “He finished the year strong with the second best result in the regional championship.” “Kole Jervis got his feet wet last year. He will be one of our best golfers, right there in the mix. Jackson Jervis came from the south to us. He has a lot of experience and was one of the best golfers of last season.”

Other players are vying for a place on the Jaguars’ five-man team are Todd Sizemore, Brody Hodges, Ben Baker, Brayden Hyde and Evan Woodley.

Sophomores Easton Moore, Ben Taylor and Garrett Cassidy will also compete on the Jaguar track this season, along with rookies Gunnar Jones and Gavin Dottie, and seventh graders Will Sutton, Wesley Storm and Jackson Storm.

Stone said he had quite a few players shooting in the ’70s, and that’s what it takes to be among the top players in the area again. He said that when his team goes to a tournament, they have a squad of five players, and then they take some of the other players to compete individually.

Recently, Team Stone finished second at the Somerset Invitational, which was a great start to the year for a young group. He only expects things to get better.

“There are two or three other teams we’ll be facing this year,” Stone said. “We’ll be playing junior against some of the teams with a lot of seniors.” “But I expect us to take a serious tour of the region again this year.”

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