James Conner, the Cardinal should know that their three-team backs don’t win

James Conner may be the Terminator, but that doesn’t mean he’s indestructible.

It’s a balance that everyone associated with the Arizona Cardinals should be aware of as they head into a season where there will be a realistic urge to give the guy more touches than a doorknob.

27-year-old Conner has the will to run inside, the skill to catch the ball from the backcourt and the drive to pass like the thinnest offensive tackle in the world. And he’s not the type to back off.

“When it’s time to play, you know? When it matters, I feel like if I (feeling good), let me go,” Conner said at the start of training camp. “Winning is the only thing that matters.”

That may be true, but recent NFL history suggests that if he tried to do all of that in the same game all season, the hangovers would be more memorable than the party.

James Conner in the back watches his teammates train during the Arizona Cardinals training come back together Saturday at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Saturday, July 30, 2022.

Three linebackers don’t make it to the Super Bowl

Going back 15 years, there were 37 strikers who touched the ball 350 or more times in a single season, according to an analysis of statistics from Pro Football Reference. Most of the high-use props like Arnold Schwarzenegger ended up drowning in a lava bowl at the end of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” — and not a single Super Bowl season was in the package.

Some of these people have experienced massive withdrawals.

Tennessee’s Derek Henry played only eight games last season.

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