Joe Thomas Still ‘Rhinoceros’, Injury Bug Still Plaguing WR Room: What Happened at Browns Training Camp, Day 8

Berea, Ohio – Joe Thomas will always be able to come home again.

The former legendary left-hander for the Browns and future Hall of Famer was touring the CrossCountry Mortgage Campus this week, appearing on the team’s in-house radio show and also giving his always welcome advice on the field and in meetings.

“Joe is always welcome here,” said Kevin Stefansky. “I told him that. He can come every day if he wants. We’ll set him up a closet. He’s someone who’s done it at a high level for such a long time and has been through the ups and downs of the NFL season, so I just feel like he has a lot to offer the players.” As much as Joe wishes, we are always ready to take him here in Beria.”

For the past two seasons, Brown has been unable to capitalize on Thomas’ knowledge and willingness to share it due to COVID-19 protocols, with restrictions on individuals on exactly who can be in the facility and when.

That’s not the case anymore, especially with Thomas joining the Browns’ broadcast team for pre-season games. In Monday’s training, Thomas was seen on the field advising his offensive business.

Players understandably accept his advice.

“You’d have to be crazy not to say Joe wasn’t the best at tackles, especially pro passes,” White Teller said on Friday. “He had to play a lot of games where we got through 60, 70, 80 percent of the game because the Cleveland Browns were stumbling. I wasn’t here yet, but the Cleveland Browns had to go through a lot. To do what he was doing at his level, he had to You are crazy not to let him in and train your players.The techniques are obviously a little different.

“Joe is an absolute rhino. You see his group and say, ‘Oh, anyone can do that.'” But, no, he’s special. His attention to detail – we’re talking about his preparations. Lots of other things that come with football other than holding back, standing his ground. The little one and all that stuff.”

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His mentorship has already been huge in left-footed tackler Jedrick Wells Jr, who worked his way up last season through an ankle injury with mixed results on the pitch. Brown expects to recover in 2022.

Although Thomas is a “rhinoceros” who can do physical things that some players will never be able to do, his most useful advice will certainly be something that Wells and other young offensive linemen like James Hudson III and Nick Harris can pick up regardless of group skills. Situation – Their All-Pro guards are Teller and Joel Bitonio, too.

“He had this note card system, which was mind-boggling,” Teller said. “The tiniest little details he would focus on and write. I think at one point he went into almost every game he’s ever played right down to the snapshots of the players they played and the ends of the second team defense turned into rookies on the road, and he would have known exactly what they were working on a year ago. His attention to detail, his persistence, his intent – he’s a stud.”

Nick Harris scare

There was a slight fear for Brown as Harris, who was taking the starting reps in the center, walked off the field with a coach. In his absence, Ethan Bosic stepped in and had some bad shots.

After the rehearsal, Brown said Harris was fine, and left the field after he got pricked in the eye.

Kid York is human, but he’s still going for a 53-yard kick

Brown’s rookie kicker finally missed out on a single field goal attempt, having made his first 17 attempts in camp. The highlight of York’s clip on Friday came when he fell in a 53-yard attempt from inside from the left in a straight post.

The next attempt, 58 yards, was the distance but it only sailed to the right of the rolls. Miles Garrett stood under the goal post and pointed out that the kick wasn’t good.

York has finished a 5-for-6 day, and is 17-for-18 in camp drills so far.

rain check

Brown got through most of the practice before bad weather cut the outside a bit.

After lightning was spotted but just before heavy rain, the team ran to the field house and performed the last 30 minutes of practice—the team’s second in pads—indoors.

Recipient injuries continue

The Michael Woods II rookie wide receiver was the latest receiver to miss training. On Friday he sat with a hamstring injury.

Brown was also without David Bell (PUP list, foot) and Anthony Schwartz (knee). Rookie Isaiah Weston suffered a knee injury, cleared the injury waiver on Tuesday and returned to the injured reserve. Javon Weems has not yet appeared for the first time with the disease. Amari Cooper missed Tuesday’s training with an ankle injury he sustained on Monday, but is back and active in Brawn’s final training session.

Other injuries

The following players did not train today due to injury: B Cory Bogorques (right foot), DT Sheldon Day (back), LB Anthony Walker Jr (groin area), CB Denzel Ward (foot).

Add line depth D

Brown adds some depth to their defensive line, with defensive end Chris Odom, who posted News on his social media. Odom was with the Houston Gamblers in the NFL, and was the league’s Defensive Player of the Year. He had stints with Atlanta and Washington in the NFL.

they said that

Offensive cashier coach Bill Callahan: “The crazy one is, this little guy’s going to get in your face. You’re 6ft 5 and 315lbs. Not many people would pick a fight with you, but I swear he’s going to get out there and slap you right in the face. He’s not afraid of Anyone, and I’m grateful for that. He’s had great players under him. You can talk to any of his former players and they respect him. It’s something you earn. It’s not something you just get.”

Greg Newsom II, facing Cooper practically every day: “The best. I mean, that’s his name as a road runner. Going against him every day has been very beneficial to me. Yeah, it’s that simple. He’s the best road runner in the game.”

they did it

D’Anthony Bell was highlighted on the inside of training, Josh Dobbs intercepted and re-selected for relegation.

Jacob Phillips made a nice play on a ball that was meant to be a touchdown for David Njoku of Deshaun Watson:

Kid York’s 53-yard kick was good and bounced off the left upright:

Bonus, and weekend serotonin boost, with my review of some Browns Puppy Pound possibilities. So far, 30 puppies have been adopted at this year’s training camp. All dogs from Northeast Ohio SPCA, a nonprofit pet shelter located in Parma, are available for adoption during each open fan training session:

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