Josh Jacobs Trade: Five Possible Combinations

The Las Vegas Raiders have rested nearly every one of their notable Hall of Fame starters—with one major exception. “The Beginning,” Josh Jacobs has played quite a few series, leading some throughout the league to believe that the previous first-round pick is the On the trade block. Jacobs may not be a superstar, but he’s a rookie caliber that’s way back in time and should get a lot of attention if Raiders makes him available.

Josh Jacobs Trade: Five Possible Combinations

Philadelphia Eagles

On paper, the Philadelphia Eagles have to have one of the most lethal rushing attacks in football. Their offensive line is arguably the best in the league, offensive weapons will prevent teams from stacking the box, and Galen Hurts is one of the most electric lungeers in the sport. The only thing the team is missing is a great start.

Miles Sanders is a fitting choice, but it is undeniable that Jacobs is a superior talent. Thanks to their many trades over the years, the Eagles have a lot of experimental capital heading into 2022 and likely won’t have a problem sending a late pick to Raiders in exchange for Jacobs’ favors.

Baltimore Ravens

Injuries devastated the Baltimore Ravens’ backyard last year, and the team has yet to recover from an onslaught of health issues. JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards are still on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) roster, which means if the season starts today, the Ravens will battle Mike Davis and Justice Hill in the fight for the first assignment.

Needless to say, this is not an ideal situation for any team. Dobbins and Edwards will eventually get back into the lineup, but even when they do get back on the field, they probably won’t be prepared for their old workloads out of the gate. Jacobs would be the perfect fit to serve as a starter early in the season before putting together a dangerous three-headed back team once Dobbins and Edwards return to their old selves.

buffalo bills

It’s no secret that the Buffalo Bills are looking to upgrade their running back mode. The team attempted to recruit JD McKissic in the offseason and used a second-round pick on running back James Cook in the 2022 NFL Draft. Cook will likely take on most of the work in the passing game, but Buffalo can look to Jacobs if he wants to lighten the burden on Devin Singletary.

Singletary is set to handle the vast majority of early work because Zack Moss simply doesn’t look like an ordinary NFL contributor. Bringing in Jacobs would allow the Bills to get a fierce 1-2 punch in early touchdowns with Cook coming in to tackle passing duties.

Houston Texas

Houston Texans have needs at every center, and that includes running back. For now, the team is gearing up to enter the season with fourth-round rookie Dameon Pierce leading the rear. This is clearly not an ideal situation, and Jacobs would easily be the best on the list. Plus, Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels and Texas general manager Nick Caserio both got their start in New England, so there’s likely a connection between the two.

New Orleans Saints

Star running back Alvin Kamara is currently staring at the comment. While the hearing has been postponed to October, he may have to miss up to six matches later in the year. Kamara remains one of the best defenders in the league, and the Saints have no plan B if he wastes time. Jacobs can essentially act as Mark Ingram’s 2018 version of this offense, spelling Kamara on the run while serving as a base-caliber fill-in if Kamara has to waste time.

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