Kyle Farmer moved from shortstop to third base

Farmer was happy to play a short role for the Reds, but beginning with Friday’s game against the Brewers, he was the third regular starting player.
The decision, which coach David Bell revealed on Wednesday, came as a surprise.
“It surprised me,” said Farmer, before the Reds’ 5-1 loss to the Brewers at American Family Field. “I wasn’t expecting it at all. But it happened, so I can’t really complain about it.”
Farmer earned a Wednesday night in Miami as Jose Barrero started his shortstop. Despite his offensive struggles this season in Triple-A Louisville (.209/ .262/ .377 in 55 games), the Reds have long viewed Barrero as a future option on a short stoppage due to his defensive skills and getting a chance to see if he can solidify himself. in the major tournaments.
That means Farmer’s streak of 192 consecutive starts at a short stop ended in the action, without including a single match as DH in June. He went from an elbow role to a short role in May last season when Eugenio Suárez was transferred to third base from Shortstop.
Farmer had an outstanding season in 2021 and hit the highs of his career with 16 home runs and 63 RBIs.
On Friday, Farmer was 2 for 4 and threw a single run for the Reds with a single RBI performance in the fifth inning to the left that cut sledge 0 for 10. The offense wasn’t enough to get through a tough night to start bowler Robert Duger, who gave up a pair of runs on His home and trailing 5-0, after two rounds.
Farmer hits .254/.324/.371 this season with six guards and 51 RBI in 90 games overall. Its average was 0.289 on June 17, long before the recession.
Shortstop was Farmer’s favorite job and the one he played in college. But until he told Bale he was interested in going there in spring 2021 training, it didn’t happen at the major tournaments.
The farmer was often praised for his reliability and stability in a short time. But his defensive range isn’t as strong, especially compared to Barrero, where he ranked 30th among the MLB short stops with -4 points above average rating and -3 runs blocked.
Farmer, who turns 32 on August 17, didn’t view the move as good news.
“That’s bad. I love short. I’ve loved the Short of my life all my life.” “I think it’s part of the game, and they see me third. I hope to play well, maybe play third here next year.”
An opener was created at third base on Tuesday after Brandon Drury was traded to the Padres for Minor League Victor Acosta. Farmer got the starting nod on Donovan Solano and Mike Mustakas. Solano’s right hitter and Mustakas’ left hitter are both expected to split their time as a designated hitter.
Because of the different angles, faster balls of contact and longer throws, switching positions will require an adjustment of the grower. Friday marked the start of his thirtieth career at third base, but it is the first since April 26, 2021.
“It’s going to be very difficult. I’m up to the challenge but I haven’t played there in two years, pretty much,” said Farmer, the 2022 Cincinnati Heart and Bustle winner. “All the better for the team, I think. I will play wherever they want me to play, and I think third place is where they see me play.”
Milwaukee’s hitters kept Farmer busy because he was involved in seven games, including three grounds and a pushline. It all seemed to be routine plays.
“It was good,” Bell said. “The more plays he gets, the more comfortable he’s there. It’s different. To make the obvious, it’s a lot closer to home plate. Things are faster and they move on to you quickly.”

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