Los Angeles Lakers rumor report: Lakers were reluctant to trade players after several years left in contracts, Lakers discussed Russell Westbrook’s deal with the Knicks and Jazz in a three-way deal and more

The latest NBA rumors indicate that the Los Angeles Lakers are still actively talking with teams about potential deals. Russell Westbrook remains the likely candidate for the trade, with teams like the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and Brooklyn Nets as potential destinations.

However, a new report has revealed that the Lakers could trade Westbrook via a three-way deal. The New York Knicks and Utah Jazz are rumored to be involved, but nothing has materialized. The Knicks and Jazz have been in touch about a potential deal for Donovan Mitchell.

Here’s the latest Los Angeles Lakers rumor report on August 6 from Sportskeeda.

Los Angeles Lakers are reluctant to trade players with several years left on their contracts

Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers
Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Lakers offseason is getting even more excited by the state of LeBron James’ contract extension. According to Dan Wiki of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers’ take on his moves will depend on James signing on the extension. Wiki noted that if the “King” signs a new deal, the team will be serious about getting players on multi-year contracts.

However, the Lakers are reluctant to make such deals if James decides to become a free agent next season. The team will focus on next season with only Anthony Davis and Max Christie on contract. Tallinn Horton Tucker and Damian Jones have options for players, so their decisions are uncertain.

All signs point to James signing an extension with the option of a sophomore player. The Lakers have made strides in free agency by making the roster younger, but they are still not considered contenders for the title.

LeBron James expected to sign an extension with player option in year two

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers

As previously reported, LeBron James is expected to sign an extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. Sources told NBC Sports’ Kurt Helen that the four-time champion will sign a two-year contract with a second-year player option. However, the same sources also said that James will take his time in signing the deal.

The feeling within the organization is that James wants to pressure the Lakers to improve their roster. Rumors have linked James to the Cleveland Cavaliers if he becomes a free agent next summer. The Cavaliers have the money and a better roster to convince their former player to join them.

Helen notes that James’ family will likely be the ultimate deciding factor for the star. Bronny and Bryce James are high school stars in Southern California, while LeBron’s business has been booming since coming to Los Angeles. The King knows what his next move will be and people just have to keep guessing.

The Los Angeles Lakers discussed Russell Westbrook’s trade with the Knicks and Jazz in a three-way deal

Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers
Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers

Russell Westbrook was nearly traded to the Brooklyn Nets for Kyrie Irving, but the Nets wanted more first-round picks. The Indiana Pacers were also close to acquiring Westbrook, but the Los Angeles Lakers were not interested in trading first-round picks in the future.

According to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, the Lakers were recently involved in a potential three-way trade with the Utah Jazz and New York Knicks. In the rumored trade, Westbrook will move to Utah and buy him. The Jazz will also receive a large number of draft picks from the Knicks and Lakers.

Sources: The Lakers, Knicks and Jazz have discussed a three-team deal with Donovan Mitchell relegated to New York, Patrick Beverly and another major Jazz player for the Lakers, Russell Westbrook on the move, and a draft pick to Utah. More details about Tweet embed. hoopshype.com/lists/nba-rumo…

Meanwhile, the Knicks will get Donovan Mitchell and the Lakers can receive a mix of two players. Patrick Beverly, Jordan Clarkson, Bojan Bogdanovic and Malik Beasley are likely to head to the Knicks and Lakers. As for the Knicks, they could break up with Derek Rose and Cam Reddish.

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