Mark Webber looks at his rivalry with former teammate Sebastian Vettel: ‘Obviously he was very nervous’

Mark Webber had his candid opinion of former rival Sebastian Vettel, who won all four of his titles alongside the Australian during a sometimes difficult stint with his Red Bull teammates.

Vettel spent the 94th Grand Prix alongside Webber – his longest-lived teammate – having joined Red Bull in 2009, before leaving as a four-time world champion at the end of 2014. The 2010 Turkish Grand Prix and the ‘Multi 21’ epic Famous for 2013 – where they moved to the wheel in order to outsmart the championship.

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“See: an incredible, untouchable profession in [championship] years,” Webber said after Vettel announced his retirement in Hungary last week. “Sure, he loved when Pirelli came out and was just as superior as I think to a lot of us, in those years, during his publisher days. And there were a lot of regulations that he definitely worked hard to understand and did a great job.

“And he has clearly achieved a tremendous amount of success in a short period of time, something that we all respect our colleagues in.

“But I think he made the right call. Obviously it’s totally up to the individual at that point, there’s no one else who can make that decision for you, but I don’t think it’s a surprise. I think it was clear he was coming and playing fair, he goes” .

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Webber, who has had all nine of his Grand Prix victories with Red Bull, admitted that things were “tense” in the team as it reflected on the “strained” five-season rivalry between him and the four-time champion, before Webber retired at the end of 2013. .

“I mean, my gosh, we’re fine now. He was obviously pretty nervous when you were fighting for a championship up front together,” the Australian continued. We spent a few years where I was [in contention]; A few years I wasn’t in it.

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“There’s always a little tension – it’s easier to be a teammate when you’re fighting for points, but tournaments and wins are clearly a bit more of a challenge, which is well advertised in many different scenarios across the sport. We were not alone in this sense.

“Now, he’s obviously changed his whole attitude, hasn’t he? As his career has gone on, especially in the last year or so, his entire position has changed in terms of what he’s motivating and looking forward to in the next phase of his life, fair play.”

Vettel’s final race in Formula 1 will be the season finale at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November.

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