MLB Fiction Underdog Picks – Top Picks & Plays July 21: Play matches with Javier Páez and Pablo Lopez

I hope everyone is resting after the MLB All-Star break! In addition, I hope everyone is ready for some player props in Underdog Fantasy. There aren’t many games out there today, so the amount of MLB player props that I really like is a little less than usual. Fortunately, we have two good ones to triple our money. Paul Lopez He has a great game at home against the Texas team that struggles with the right throw, and while the Detroit free agent signed Javier Baez It was hugely underwhelming, Baez was excellent against the South Bowes. These two are the mainstays of my favorite MLB player on July 21st at Underdog Fantasy.

During 5.5 strikes

The hits weren’t there Paul Lopez Lately, because he hasn’t crossed that mark in any of his past four starts, but this is one of his best fights lately for hits, and he’s in his garden, where he’s been excellent this year (2.35 home ira). The Texas Rangers have the eighth-highest strike rate in baseball against a right-handed pitcher in 2022, and in July, they had the sixth-highest strike rate overall. You don’t want to start lefties against Texas, because they have 120 wRC+ and .335 wOBA as a team versus Southpaws, but against Righties, it’s a different story, as 90 wRC+ and .293 wOBA are both average at best. Lopez has at least six hits in five of eight homes starting this year, and he should cross that streak 5.5 this afternoon.

During 1.5 total rules

Zack Log He starts the first of two games against Detroit, and in Oakland this year, he allowed hitting a 5.54 ERA and .302 average. Right hits .272 with 2.35 HR/9 against him, and Javier Baez He’s been at his best against southpaws this season. Not only does he have .773 OPS on the road this year, compared to .452 at home, but he hits .338 with 0.934 OPS against lefties. It wasn’t a great year for Baez, but it was an excellent year against Southpaws, and we can take that to the bank.

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