MLB Lines and Trends: Jeff McNeil Turned It On in August

It’s Saturday, so it’s time for coffee, tea, or whatever beverage of your choice in the morning or early afternoon and dive into some of the highlights and trends across Major League Baseball. Currently, we have two players with active double-digit success streaks, with Toronto streaks Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Baltimore Anthony Santander In 16 matches and 15 matches in a row. As we dive into some of the hot and cold hitters, there are some under the radar players who should move up the fantasy baseball ratings with their recent performance. Additionally, a few of them may be owned very low profile, making them some of the best fantasy baseball pickups. Since we’re about to launch next week, be sure to check out August Player Rankings UpdateAnd the Fantasy baseball assignment wire essay And the Watch stock videos More content to help promote fantasy baseball teams. Let’s take a look at some notable streaks of success and current trends across Major League Baseball.

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Jeff McNeillNYM

McNeil has an eight-game winning streak, having five multi-stroke efforts. He has seven more base strokes during this stretch, and has only hit them four times. He’s now hitting 0.303 with six home runs and two stolen bases in the season, and it’s encouraging to see him bounce back after a grueling July. Last month he only hit 0.208 with 0.274 on base, but it looks like McNeil is back and should continue to provide fantasy baseball coaches with a solid batting average to say the least.

Colton WongMI

During the game’s nine hit streak, Wong hit .406 with two local runs, a stolen base, .506 wOBA and 230 wRC+. He’s also hit safety in 13 of his last 14 competitions. During this stretch, his average exit velocity averaged nearly two miles per hour, his barrel averaged over three percentage points, and his swipe rate nearly eight percentage points.

Wong’s batting average for the year is just 0.138 against the left, so it’s still his best use against right-handers.

Nick GordonMIN

Through the minors, Gordon hit a decent average with some stolen prime numbers. He doesn’t hit much power, in terms of home runs, and has only one stolen base since the beginning of July, but he’s been hitting a good number of doubles recently, and he’s been a good source of hit rate. Gordon has hit .500 in his last eight games, with one home run, six doubles, seven RBI, four runs and a stolen base. Looking back at his last eight outings, he’s still made solid contact, but his barrel rating is at 15 percent, and his firing angle is at 20 degrees. If he’s going to hit that way, he should be a good source of some production while hitting well, and the closer he gets to flip the order the better.

Who is not

Austin Slatersixth

While Slater put together a decent fantasy season, all things considered, things have been getting cold and bleak lately. He’s hit only .115 over his last seven games, and .163 with .241 OBP during his last 15 competitions. He has some great splits for the year, coming in at 0.308 on the road and just 244 at home. Furthermore, it hit .281 against the left and only .250 against the right.

Andrew BenintendeNew York

Since joining the Bronx Bombers, Benintendi has struggled, reaching just 0.083 with 47 wRC+ over eight matches. There are still plenty of seasons left, so the Yankees may not be too worried, but fantasy baseball managers might have a slightly higher level of concern. While Benintendi still scores an impressive .305 this year, he only has three home runs and six stolen bases. If he’s not hitting for strength and running, all he’s giving to fantasy baseball managers is hitting average. Yes, that is valuable in itself, but you’ll want to see Benintendi do more in the other categories. To his credit, it is encouraging that he already had two stolen bases in his tenure with the Yankees.

Yuan MoncadaCWS

It was a rough 10 games for Moncada, which says a lot considering his struggles for the season as a whole. Over his last 10 matches, he’s only hit 0.139 with a whopping 34.1 percent strike rate. A 12.2 percent walk rate is good, but just five hits and three RBI over the last 41 board appearances won’t get it done.

His lack of board discipline, especially recently, and his current swing strike rate (13%) and O-Swing rate (31.2%) would be his highest since the 2019 season, however, one big difference is that he doesn’t have a .406 BABIP to beat Some basic problems.

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