Mont Saint Anne DH World Cup live from 5:25 pm

You guessed it right…we’re live commenting again! This time for downhill. Live updates from the World Cup on Saturday in the late afternoon / early evening via this story in the comments section!

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Loic Bruni performing at Mont-Sainte-Anne, 2019 (Nathan Hughes/Red Bull Content Pool)

At the time of writing this (Friday late afternoon), all in all [Benji] I really know are the results of timed training. Which is sometimes interesting but rarely illuminating.

But what do I know about downhill racing? I think we’ll find out! I’ve cut back more than my fair share of Wet Screams over the years, so at least I’m careful. Please be gentle with me.

What I can talk about is Camille Balanche’s collarbone fracture. ouch. She will obviously be out of this weekend’s race but when will she be back? In time for the final round? Or is that for late beginners/relative newcomers? If so, it will again be between Miriam Nicole and Valley Hall.

Elite Women – overall standings after 6 rounds

  1. Camille Balanche 1335
  2. Myriam Nicole 1105
  3. 966- Abdul Rahman Ali Muhammad
  4. Eleonora Farina 795
  5. 743

Regarding the other categories, the current situation explains things better…

Elite Men – overall standings after 6 rounds

  1. Amore Byron 1180
  2. Loris Verger 758
  3. Find Iles 746
  4. Ali Muhammad Ali 624
  5. 591- Ali Muhammad

Women’s junior – overall standings after 6 rounds

  1. 335
  2. 295
  3. 250
  4. Isabella Yankova 195
  5. Amy Kenyon 175

Men’s juniors – overall standings after 6 rounds

  1. Jackson Goldstone 340
  2. Jordan Williams 276
  3. 231
  4. 181
  5. Remy Meyer Smith 164

How and when do you watch?

DH Women’s Final:

Saturday 6The tenth 17:25 GMT (Red Bull TV link)

DH men’s final:

Saturday 6The tenth August 18:45 GMT (Red Bull TV channel link)

Finn Iles giving a show in 2019 (Nathan Hughes)


I’ll start at #jazan With some unwise predictions for the winners.

young women:

Who do I want to win: Gracie Heimstreet
Who do I think will win: Gracie Heimstreet

young men:

Who do I want to win: Jordan Williams
Who do I think will win: Jackson Goldstone

Elite women:

Who do I want to win: Valley Hall
Who do I think will win: Nina Hoffman

Elite men:

Who do I want to win: Finn Ailes*
Who do I think will win: Amaury Byron

* The race at home, still chasing his first win in the Elite class, plus his “thing” in Andorra was his best moment of the season so far

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