New York Rangers get a nice ride for Alexander Georgiev

There was never any doubt that NY Rangers GM Chris Drury would have attempted to trade goalkeeper Alexander Georgiev before the NHL entry draft. With Rangers unlikely to give him a qualifying offer by July 11, the goalkeeper was set to become an unrestricted free agent. The fact that Drury was able to trade Georgiev to the Colorado Avalanche and get three picks in return, is nothing short of a miracle.

When Colorado General Manager Joe Sakic decided Darcy Quimper would be too expensive for a hat-tied avalanche, he was clearly impressed enough with Georgiev that he sealed the deal for the rights to the former Ranger. By doing so, he gets a goalkeeper who will split the tasks with Pavel Francos and has the skill to become the number one goalkeeper in the NHL.

What happened Drori

The Rangers were given three recruiting choices for Georgiev. Picking the third round (No. 97) and the fifth round (No. 161) in this year’s draft and a third round in 2023. Let’s not kid ourselves. Avalanche earned the last pick in each round as the defending champion, so this year’s pick picks are really the fourth and six rounds.

If you want to define a “win now” mentality when it comes to draft picks, Colorado has now gotten rid of 11 of its 21 draft picks over the next three years and has only two picks this year (the sixth and seventh rounds).

They maintained their next picks in the first round, the only two picks in the first three rounds for three consecutive years. They may not have a lot of recruiting choices, but they do have the Stanley Cup. Glen Suther must have been envious.

Late round picks succeed

While the hypothetical fourth and sixth round picks may not seem like much, there have been some late round success stories for the Blueshirts. Look no further than Vezina Cup winner, Igor Shesterkin.

  • 2017 Sixth Round (No. 174) – Morgan Barron
  • 2014 4th round (No. 118) – Igor Shesterkin
  • 2013 Fourth Round (No. 110) – Ryan Graves
  • 2010 Sixth Round (No. 157) – Jesper Fast
  • 2008 Fourth Round (No. 111) – Del Vizzi
  • 2007 Sixth Round (No. 168) – Karl Hagelin
  • 2004 Fourth Round (No. 127) – Ryan Callahan

And of course, there was Henrik Lundqvist, who had a 205th in the seventh round in 2000, quite possibly the best late-round pick in NHL history. Most recently, Rangers have signed strikers Laurie Bagonemy (Five Round of 2018), Adam Edstrom (Round 6 of 2019), Matthew Remp (Round 6 of 2020), defender Hunter Skinner (Round 4 of 2019) and goalkeeper Dylan Garand (Round 4) of 2020 ) to enter contracts.

2020 Fifth-rounder Brett Berard is starring at Providence College and they have high hopes for the 2021 fourth-round Body Lamb pick who will play at the University of Minnesota in the fall. All in all, since closing, Rangers have drafted 65 players into the fourth round or beyond. 12 of them made it to the NHL in at least one game.

The 19 percent of late-round picks making it to the NHL might not seem like much, but if scouts are doing their job, they may find a diamond in the raw mode who will become a strong player. When they find a goalkeeper from all over the world or a future team captain, they make the difference. Rangers have four picks in the fourth round or later this year. Let’s hope they hit gold.

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