Next team odds Kevin Durant: Celtics heavily favored before Suns, Warriors, and Raptors

Just before the start of the NBA season, the media came out with a bombshell, noting that Kevin Durant was looking to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets.

This was shocking, especially knowing Durant still had four years left on his Brooklyn contract. Unfortunately, things haven’t been working out with the Nets lately. Durant was recovering from an injury while Kyrie Irving refused to be vaccinated and was unable to play in home matches. Former Nets star James Harden was tired of everything he was asked to leave on trade deadline and ended up in Philadelphia for Ben Simmons and other assets. The nets look really good on paper with Irving, Durant and Simmons on the team. But these three have not played a single match together. Now, that may never happen.

Once the teams heard the news Durant wanted, dozens of shows were sent to the Nets for review. No proposition was very attractive to the Nets. Reports indicate that the asking price is high. But in fact, the asking price should be high. Durant has plenty of years left on his contract and is an MVP and NBA Champion in the prime of his life. Where will Durant’s odds go if he doesn’t stay with the net?

Where will Kevin Durant play?

Team Prospect implicit probability
Boston Celtics -175 63.6%
Phoenix Suns +350 22.2%
Golden State Warriors +400 20%
Toronto Raptors +900 10%
Memphis Grizzlies +1200 7.7%
Los Angeles Clippers +1400 6.7%
New York Knicks +1600 5.9%
Atlanta Hawks +1600 5.9%
Los Angeles Lakers +1800 5.3%
Oklahoma City Thunder +2200 4.3%
Chicago Bulls +2200 4.3%

Kevin Durant next team odds

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Favorite Kevin Durant Next Team

Celtics -175 ($175 bet to win $100)

The Celtics have an implied 63.6% probability that Kevin Durant will be the Boston Celtic if he changes team. The Celtics were reportedly aggressive in their pursuit of Durant two weeks ago. Some reports have acknowledged that Jaylen Brown was part of the Celtics trade package proposal. However, other media outlets point out that Brown was never part of a proposal to the Celtics. If we’re being honest, there’s no chance Durant would go to the Celtics without Brown being part of that package. This may just be the Celtics trying to keep Brown happy. They wouldn’t want Brown to think they were shopping for him after he helped them reach the NBA Finals in their last season.

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The Nets want high-quality talent and plenty of first-round picks. No team has delivered anything close to what the Nets wanted. However, there aren’t many teams like Celtics that can legitimately make enough for Celtics to bring in Durant. Sure, Boston is hesitant. But the Celtics already have the chops to get the trade done, as long as the trade is centered around Brown. If the Celtics aren’t willing to part with Brown, business talks with the Celtics aren’t going anywhere. The latest report was a trade show for Durant from the Celtics with Brown, Derek White and a first-round pick. But now we don’t even know if that’s really on the table. The Celtics will be one of the only teams to strike a deal with the Nets. But the Celtics probably won’t give up on the package the Nets are after. In the end, Durant may have to settle with Brooklyn and play a season with Irving and Simmons. If all goes well, the Nets will be in great shape and you won’t have to worry about trading Durant. If Durant decides he won’t play the Nets, even if he’s on their list, the Nets will just have to get the best package they can. We’ll see how Durant desperately wants out of Brooklyn. Because there is a high probability that he will remain in Brooklyn to start next season.

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