Padres vs. Dodgers – Game Summary – August 5, 2022

LOS ANGELES — Tony Gonsulin played five goals-less runs and threw the Los Angeles Dodgers four-hitter against the San Diego Padres super lineup, winning 8-1 Friday night after honoring Finn Scully.

Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts led the stadium on a conference call with Scully’s signature “It’s Dodgers Time for Baseball” during a pre-game memorial. Scully died Tuesday at the age of 94.

“It talks about how much the Dodger family loves Levin,” Roberts said. “It was a special moment.”

NL West rivals met for the first time since San Diego acquired superstar Juan Soto, Josh Bell and Brandon Drury ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline. The Dodgers extended their lead in the Division I to a season best of 13 and a half games at the expense of Padres and showed no signs of slowing down.

Gonsulin (13-1) hit six and allowed three hits. He beat 30 in the first inning and left two contestants. After that, settle in.

“I was grinding at bats. (Jorekson) Provar who started with 10-11 (pitches) was too much,” Gonsulin said. “Some good pitches are polluted. I was throwing in a lot of balls early on but got executed when I needed to.”

Soto was showered with chants of “elusive future” at Chavez Raven last month when he played in the All-Star Game and his name is on the commercial block. Washington sent the 23-year-old to the Los Angeles rival instead, and Soto was booed every Friday.

Soto and former teen Dodger Mane Machado had two of the four hits for Padres.

The Dodgers scored four first-half runs in a double by Hanser Alberto, one song from Will Smith and a foul. The Dodgers added four more runs in the third, in a double by Chris Taylor—in his first game of IL—and Cody Bellinger’s double.

Shawn Manya (6-6) had one of the worst starts to his season, allowing eight wins in 10 strokes in four rounds.

“I’ve often said that you can often get to the start in the beginning before you get into a rhythm and they definitely did,” Padres coach Bob Melvin said. “They were on some fast balls in the middle of the board and it ended up being a tough run and so was the third.”

Joey Gallo had a hit single in the ninth inning, his second since the Dodgers got it from the New York Yankees.

Padres scored on the Drury fly in the ninth.

No good news

Nothing new was revealed in Clayton Kershaw’s MRI on Friday. He suffers from a backache that caused him to leave Thursday’s game against the Giants. Roberts said he will rest and reset.

“There haven’t been any new findings, which is positive,” Roberts said. “That was the best case scenario coming from the MRI.”

Friends don’t let friends wear brown

Tria Turner is a former teammate with Juan Soto and Josh Bell in Washington, and now he’ll see them more often at NL West. The Dodgers and Padres play nine times in September.

“I told them they look terrible in brown,” Tria Turner joked. “It’s good to see them in a team that competes. Juan won the world championship and was a huge part of our (the Nationals) team clearly in 2019. JB was not there yet. Hopefully he will have a chance to play in the postseason. Happy for these guys. Looking forward to playing a lot more.” Baseball games.”

tip from the cover

Before throwing a pitcher, Gonsulin raised his hat from the pile toward the broadcast booth. Gonsolin never had a chance to meet Scully.

“I was able to start today on the first day after the ceremony, I just wanted to show my appreciation to Finn,” Gonsulin said.

coach room

PADRES: SS Fernando Tates Jr. (broken wrist) will begin the rehab job either Saturday or Sunday at Double-A San Antonio.

next one

PADRES: RHP Mike Clevinger (3-3, 3.13 ERA) took his first win in over a month on his final start, allowing him to run once in five strokes in seven rounds against Colorado.

Dodgers: LHP Andrew Heaney (1-0, 0.77 ERA) allowed only one run and four strokes in four rounds against the Giants on Monday. This was his second start of a strain in the left shoulder.


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