Par on the course: Stampede golf “lead” is a noble cause

The local charity For a Cause has been formed to help feed hungry children in Oxford-based SAD 17 school district.

On August 5 in Summit Springs, that group held their annual golf scramble. The commission, which is chaired by Bani O’Leary from Norway, believes that it will be able to announce a record amount of money raised for pupils in 10 of 17 schools. Before taking into account any money from entry fees, sweepstakes, and other forms of fundraising during the tournament, companies across SAD 17 contributed more than $9,000.

Bill Kennedy, golf columnist

This charity was founded by members of Oxford Hills Regional High School in 1978 in 2018, when that group decided to play a game of golf for hungry children. While many of the 76 players in the August 5 scramble are Oxford Hills graduates, most of that number played because they learned that food funding had reached 350 pupils in 2021. It is surprising and sad that there are so many hungry children in the area.

Simple food distribution. $25 gift cards are distributed to children through their schools. Children and their families do not know where these donations came from, and donors are not told who received their donations. School food pantries are responsible for distribution, after teachers and administrators identify children in need.

“We’re also working on dressing these kids,” O’Leary said. “We’ve seen that some need winter clothes.”

This was brought to ’cause’s attention during the annual Oxford Hills Christmas Parade, which is held annually on Thanksgiving weekend.

While the player number is fixed at 76, the award winners had plenty to shoot for. For example, the holeshot would have been won in a player with four wheels, contributed by Mainely Action Sports of Oxford.

Companies or individuals interested in contributing to this noble cause do not have to participate in the tournament. Information on how to contribute by requesting is available at the email address [email protected].

There is a large committee running this tournament, headed by O’Learys, Bunny and John, along with Shauna Cummings, Oxford Hills teacher, and Brian Landis. Other members of the panel include: Joanna Galgovich, Depp, Keith Ladner, Kathy, Joe Polkinen, Bruce Wyman, Paula Staples, Michelle Wagner, Cindy Kimball, Karen Tibbets, Kathy, Steve Reed, Pam Lovely and Bonnie Tuans.

They are living proof that saying “good people do good” is a living and healthy saying.


Congratulations to Poland resident James Frost, a Fox Ridge member, who won the Main State Golf Championship August 1-3 in Falmouth. He won five games, including a 19-hole action match to claim his first crown in the MSGA Match Play.


A pair of teens won the MSGA Mixed Championships in Fairlawn on July 31.

Eli Spaulding, 16, of Brunswick, and Jade Haylock, 15, of Turner Highlands, posted a 7-under 65 to capture the title with two strokes as an alternate shot.

Obviously, these kids can play golf.


Upcoming MSGA play days are: Men’s, August 10 at Bethel; and Woman’s, August 9 in Natanis, where the annual Janet Drouin Memorial will be erected.

Bill Kennedy, a retired New Jersey golf writer and editor who now resides at Thompson Lake in Otisfield, is in his tenth season as a golf columnist for the Sun Journal.

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