Reload the list if the Edmonton Oilers can’t reverse a deep 3-0 deficit to Av’s: 9 things

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The Edmonton Oilers appeared against the wall.

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Reaching the final of the Western Conference was a huge step for this organization. But the Oilers faced a hockey club in Colorado that was more advanced in its development.

a little deeper. A little more well. Young players are half a step away from their career path.

There is still 4 game to play, and no team wins a series until they win 4.

But I think we can agree that the bigger picture is starting to emerge.

Here’s this week’s edition of…

9 things

9. In the history of the Stanley Cup playoffs, 190 teams are behind in a series 3-0. Four of them rallied to win the series…from the ’42 Leafs to Los Angeles in 2014. Edmonton Oilers will try to become the fiveThe tenth club to do so. But it is now a huge hill to climb.

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8. I don’t spend much time on Twitter anymore. But I understand that a file Mike Smith “Fan Club” is in effect. Sure, it’s easy to throw darts from the sidelines. And Smith was far from perfect. But this game wouldn’t have existed for the Oilers to win if Mike Smith hadn’t played well. according to hockey cult In total, the first-class shots were 17-10, 5 warning shots 10-5 times.

7. I know I won’t be the only one concerned about the extent of the injuries that nurse darnell And the Leon Drystel They play through. It’s true and it’s only fair that all teams in the playoffs have to get injured. But that’s also your second best (best player some nights, that’s how good Leon usually is) and D-man and #1 muncher, not “just” guys.

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6. This qualifier was a worthwhile flash party for the fleet players Ryan McLeod. McLeod was excellent again in Game 3, scoring 2-2 from a dash. The child can always fly. But the game seems to be slowing down for him, giving him more time to make smart decisions. He uses his 6’2207 LB tire to his advantage quite often. McLeod is locking at 3C at 22-23.

5. The critical sequence in Game 3 came with the match deadlocked at 2. Evan Bouchard Fire a wrist ball shot at the Avalanche net that hits the post. After 10 seconds, Bouchard loses the puck fight and Colorado scores the winning goal at the other end. If only I had a profit for every time I saw the momentum of hockey swing this way. The game is like that.

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4. And when you have a young man like defenseman Evan Bouchard In your lineup, you will encounter highs and lows. In fairness you can say, had Bouchard played at the Winnipeg series last year, some of those rookie mistakes would have already occurred. After a year and that experience under your belt, is a player’s performance likely to be off? Possible. This is common to all young people d. talking about …

3. I have no problem with Jay Woodcroft Going 11 and 7 in game 3. And I thought about it Chris Russell He came and did exactly what you thought he would do. I was surprised with that Brad Malone receive the call. I was happy for Malone, and he did so well in a very specific role. but not Dylan Holloway Have a better chance of cracking a game open to you? With the odds stacked against them now, Holloway and Philip Broberg They must participate in the fourth match. They will be in the squad next year. The experience may make you better in the long run. And that might be the best reason why Game 4 can serve you right now.

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2. The turning point in the series was the failed side review in Game 1. At that point in the game, none of the other bad things had happened yet. If the effective play of Av does not occur after the 3-2 goal, you cannot assume how this game will end. But it was pivotal, and the avalanche never looked back. I do not like the rule and disagree with this interpretation of it (Kali Makar was in Property from disk), but was made according to the letter of the rulebook. So, was it the right decision for the two bidders to appeal? Especially considering it wasn’t the first time the call had been made in an NHL game. Multiple sources, including HNIC’s Elliot FriedmanThey were instantly getting messages from across the league that the Oilers would surely lose the challenge. So, if these guys knew, how did the Oilers guy not know? To be fair, the Video Oilers have been particularly good this season and have helped them win a few games. And every decision must be made in a split second and under tremendous pressure. But isn’t the job like an advanced scout? Just like your advanced scouts need to know the opposing team’s systems and trends, doesn’t the video team (not just one person, by the way) need to be fully aware of all other calls and trends across the league, in order to give your team the best chance of winning? Especially during a critical moment of a Stanley Cup playoff when seconds and inches mean everything.

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1- It’s not fair or unimpressive to look forward to 2022-23 even though this streak is far from over. We all see it, and despite the Oilers’ huge success this season, the hockey club is still a few pieces away from reaching the Stanley Cup Final. There is no crime in that. It is a process. It’s a tough league. 27 other teams didn’t make it that far. Most clubs need a few rounds before they can top it all off. Edmonton is no different. And why are they? The organization will use this chain (especially if it ends up the way it certainly looks) as a measuring stick for what needs to happen next. The following series of options that can convert a string like this one at another time.

In the world of hats, the top 8 NHL teams need to be drafted and developed at a very high level. If they’re doing it right, the Oilers should start the next season with at least 8 Edmonton 1Street Draft choices in the starting lineup: Ryan Nugent HopkinsAnd the nurse darnellAnd the Leon DrystelAnd the Conor McDavidAnd the Killer YamamotoAnd the Evan BouchardAnd the Philip Broberg And the Dylan Holloway. Perhaps Jesse Puljujarvi will take the next step and make it a 9. Either way, it’s up Ken Holland Professional Scouts will complete this lineup in such a way that they can beat Colorado in a 7-game series next time. This will include a goalkeeper, such as Mikko Koskinen Leaves. Another upgrade over the D, in terms of size and defensive acumen. A few more bits and pieces.

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And yes, if I were GM Ken Holland, I would have gone a long way back Evander King. If you’re serious about staying in the top 4, you can’t let an elite talent like Kane walk. He’s a unique player, warts and all, he leaves a pretty big hole and it’s hard to replace. Of course, it takes two people to tango and Ken will have to say yes to your offer. And other organizations will have something to say about that.

At least if he doesn’t stay, I expect there will be plenty of agents around the NHL who will look into Kane’s experience and make an argument for their clients that Edmonton would be a good place to go.

But a bird in the hand is often better than two in the bush.

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