Silver Knight Jonas Rundberg was overused by the Golden Knights in 21-22

Welcome back to the Vegas Season Hockey Now in our review series where we look at every player in the Vegas Golden Knights and the 2021-22 season from Michael Amadeo to Zach Whitecloud. Today’s player is Jonas Rundberg. Let’s jump right into things.

Jonas Rundberg

Statistics (NHL): 30 GP- 2g, 4a, 6 points Statistics (AHL): 39 GP- 14 G 13 A 27 PTS
a necklace: Restricted Free Agent
Missed games: 52 *
condition: healthy
VHN degree: c

general ideas

Due to the massive influx of injuries, the Vegas Golden Knights relied on 14 good players from the AHL to upgrade their roster last season. In this series, we will skip most of these names. But given the number of games they’ve played, Jake Lischen, Logan Thompson, and man of the day Jonas Rundberg will all be discussed.

Rondbjerg has played in 30 games for the Golden Knights, in more matches this season than you could remember. He was unnoticeable on the ice because he had limited ice time and was one of the first players on the team to have tight matches.

There is nothing wrong with this. If all goes according to plans, Rondbjerg will likely have spent the entire 21-22 season in the AHL and continue to develop. Selected in the third round of 2017, Rondbjerg is only 23 years old.

The potential coffers of the Golden Knight have been emptied in favor of now-winning superstars like Jack Eichel and Mark Stone. Rondbjerg shows that the Golden Knights need more depth in their small league systems. It’s not good enough to be the AHL’s second call-up so far and needs more time.


Like any NHL debutant, Rondbjerg’s first NHL game, point and goal all make his list of highlights. He debuted only in the second match with the Golden Knights. It only took him three games to score a point in the NHL as he scored a assist against the Ottawa Senators. His first goal in the National Hockey League came in an unforgettable game where Paul Cotter also scored his first goal against the Minnesota Wild.

His other beauty goal was against the Nashville Predators in November.

In total, Rondbjerg was called up/reset by the Golden Knights 27 times in 2021-22.

What’s Next?

A lack of depth forced Rondbjerg to join the squad in 2021-22. But assuming the Golden Knights are in good health as of next season, he’ll have to fight back to maintain a spot on the roster. Bret Howden, Nolan Patrick and potential debutant Brendan Bryson Rundberg will likely cost the bottom sixth.

But at 23 years old, Ronbjerg still has some development to do in AHL with the Henderson Silver Knights. It’s not bad that the Golden Knights made him sit in the mansion with the NHL experience.

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