St. Louis Cardinals explore options for late-season push-ups

Street. Lewis (WFIE) – With the MLB All-Star break complete, the second half of the 2022 season has officially begun, and one team hoping for a big win in the second half is the St. Louis Cardinals.

At this point, the Cardinals (50-44) are sitting just half a game off the top spot at NL Central, as they prepare to face the Cincinnati Reds in a three-game series starting Friday.

In an exclusive interview, 14 Sports spoke with Cardinals Insider Tom Ackerman, sports director for KMOX Radio in St. Louis.

Looking at the Cardinals’ schedule going forward, Ackermann says the franchise should be in a strong position leading up to the post-season.

“The second part of the season is actually very suitable for them in terms of the schedule,” Ackermann said. “About 70% of their opponents lose records. They can play games with a lot of vacation days included, so this is great for their rotations. They just need to be healthy in their rotations. They need bowlers who can go deep into matches, and put the ball into play. , get out and then let the ball finish from there.”

One of the question marks that haunt St. Louis is promotion Rotation and the need for consistency. Ackerman told 14 Sports that while the Cardinals have reliable bowlers in Adam Wainwright and Miles Micholas, taking advantage of the MLB trade deadline might be one way to add to their rotation.

“There’s a lot more if it will happen and we’ll see,” Ackermann said. “I think if they’re going to be great, they have to get a bowler by the deadline or find out who that bowler is internally. Other than that, they have a good offense – a bit inconsistent but a good looking lineup and I think the defense is second to none.”

With the trade deadline coming speculation, and one name in particular thrown up a bit is Washington Nationals left-handed power hitter Juan Soto, who shared a special moment with Cardinals’ Albert Pujols after Monday’s Home Run Derby. Ackerman says that while Soto’s will be a major asset to the franchise, he’s not sure St. Louis will end up that way.

“Well, it would be fun to have both,” Ackerman said. “It would be fun to have a pitcher or two and Juan Soto – everyone is looking for a starting pitch, number one. And second, there are going to be a lot of teams chasing Juan Soto, and I think you probably heard in the national news a lot of speculation, the Cardinals were mentioned Much “.

Ackerman says St. Louis certainly has the chops to seal a deal for Soto by the August 2 trading deadline, but the chances of getting one look unlikely at this time.

“It’s normal, I mean the Cardinals have seven of the top 100 potential players in baseball, and no team has more than that,” Ackermann said. “So, you can conclude that Cardinals have the ability to do any kind of trade they want. I think the more realistic thing is that Cardinals will do what they do, and they will find a pitcher that needs a change of scenery that can devour some roles and maybe a couple [pitchers]. “

Ackermann says the Cardinal could stay on brand, but having the 23-year-old phenom in the squad with Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado could add some fuel to a late-season boost before game time kicks off in October.

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