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Henry Swan grew up in Jackson, played tennis at Hinds Community College and played golf in Mississippi before marrying and moving to southwest Mississippi. He first joined the Ole Brook Golf Club in 1970 when the Brookhaven Country Club at the time was much different than it is today.

He has won 4 Open Club Championships and 26 Common Championships if you include the 22 won between the Senior Club Championship and Senior and Senior Play levels.

His greatest golf achievement wasn’t the seven holes he got, but the 359 times he scored his age or better.

Swan is 81 years old and will turn 82 years old. His daughter told him it gets easier as he gets older to photograph his age because he has more wiggle room. There may be some faith in that. The first time he shot his age was 13, he shot 68. Then it took 10 years to shoot his age 100 times, two years for the next 100 and one year for the next 100.

“It was fun doing it, and it was even more fun keeping up with how many times I photographed my age,” he said. “The first time I did it, I was excited. I kept my scorecard. It’s still exciting and that’s what I’m trying to do on a round of golf.”

Currently, he’s at 359 innings as he’s shot his age or better. His goal for this year was to shoot his age or better at least 100 times a year. Last year he was short by five rounds, but this year he is unlikely to hit his target. He said he fell behind and the weather wasn’t the biggest help.

The first time Swan shot his tooth, he did so from the rear tees, but as he got older, he lost distance with his swings and switched to the larger tees. Its shape and swing mechanics have stayed the same with a slightly shorter rear swing.

Club manager Jeff Henning said Swann is a golfer who is happy to play golf with anyone regardless of their age. Henning said his 359-round achievement as he shot his age is remarkable.

“He’s the club president and the guy they go to and ask about the rules. He likes the rules of the game,” Henning said. He’s the type to punish himself. He won’t tamper with his results.”

The route has changed a lot in its times there and the facilities have improved. He said it was a testament to owner Johnny Lynch’s investment and Henning’s hard work.

“Johnny drove a lot of improvements and the equipment we have here. Being the manager of the club, Henning has done a fantastic job,” said Swann. “I think the club is at its best since I can remember.”

He is not planning to retire from golf anytime soon.

“Golf is going to retire,” he said.

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