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Last week, John Klingberg’s reign in Dallas came to an end. The unrestricted free agent has found a new home in the Anaheim Ducks. It is very common, especially in the age of maximum salary, to see players, even old players, jump into another team. But here we’ll take a look at John Kleinberg’s highlights in the Dallas Stars jacket.

Go to Anaheim

On July 29, the Anaheim Ducks signed John Klingberg for a one-year, seven hundred million deal. You are likely to play alongside Cam Fowler in defense. With Klingberg unable to reach a deal with the stars, or find a long-term deal with another team, the ducks we are able to defeat the offensive defensive man and look forward to adding to his talents.

“We are very excited to add John to our group,” Ducks general manager Pat Verbeek said in a statement. “John is a talented player who can play the role of quarterback and give us the desired goal from the Bullen. He also adds leadership and veteran personality to our team.”

Eight years in Dallas

John Klingberg spent his first eight seasons of the National Hockey League with the stars. For anyone to spend that much time with one team, especially in this case where Klingberg only played for one team, that player will have an impact with those fans. Klingberg will not only be missed by his on-ice productions, but by all the fans who have encouraged him for nearly a decade. Whether it’s from his play, signing autographs, or meeting fans anywhere in the Dallas community.

Game 6 vs Nashville Predators

The highlight of John Klinburg’s time with the Dallas Stars is undoubtedly his shot in the playoffs against a division rival. A game to two, and a chance to move into the second round, John Kleinberg got a pass to the right of Bridges goalkeeper Becca Raine, and fired it in overtime from Game Six to overtake Nashville. Wild Card team knocked out the central division champions.

attacking defensive

For a team that has spent the past five seasons looking for more attack, John Klingberg has often been the man to step up. With great scoring abilities comes the instincts of the game wonderfully well.

“John Klingberg has instincts about where he should go, where the puck can go, and where everyone and/or the puck are to expect at any given time. All hockey players have such instincts, in fact, especially in the NHL. With Klingberg, they look This instinct is less like the execution of an idea but more like an informal reaction fueled by boundless creativity, the semi-conscious movement of a fly near one’s face while larger things are being thought.”

Image credit: Giphy / Dallas Stars

While no one is quite saying that John Klingberg was Sergei Zubov’s second coming, he certainly came the closest, far from perhaps Miro Heskanen. Everyone wants to have an attacking defense to commit an offense, especially in a power game. Klingberg definitely did, and we will miss him for that. As well as being bright at remembering his jokes and his smile.

Featured image: Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

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