The brave survive, but Ian Anderson may not survive

In what seemed like a must-win game for Braves at Citi Field, the bats came out swinging. Dansby Swanson kicked off the celebrations with a double, and Eddie Rosario capped the first half with Homer’s three-run. The Braves would add four more runs per second, forcing Taijuan Walker out of the game before he could score the fourth. Going through eight times, it looked like most Braves fans would be able to enjoy Friday night without any worries, but Ian Anderson didn’t let that happen with an effort that could bring him back to Gwinnett.

After his best outing of the season last time out against the Diamondbacks, Anderson is back in bad shape against the Mets. He had no control over the area, as four players walked in 4.2 runs, most of which came when he was leading by seven or more runs. Even when Anderson forced her into the zone, the New York squad was on top of it all. He wasn’t even able to get through five runs to qualify for the win, and by the time he was out, the Mets were back straight into the ball game.

Several nail-biting moments passed over the next two rounds, but the Braves managed to escape the skin of their teeth. AJ Minter looked like he was ready for post-season, and Raisel Iglesias was an electrician on his Braves debut.

But as much as I like to talk about what was a much-needed win for the Braves, tonight’s story is Ian Anderson. We’ve officially come to the point where there’s no other choice but to send him to Gwinnett. Games are very critical at this point, and he cannot be trusted. There’s a reason the Braves came out and snagged Jake O’Dorrese at the deadline. Anderson was already on his last straw, and his ship sank Friday night.

It’s no longer about if Anderson will be chosen for Gwinnett, he when. Because of the way the table swings a double-header tomorrow and another next week against the Marlins, he might get one last chance to prove he belongs on the 26-man roster. But it will likely take hard work to persuade the brave to follow it.

Loyal Kirby Yates is close to making a comeback. He’ll need a place on the list, and as I said in an article yesterday, he’s probably replacing Anderson. After last night’s performance, that appears to be the direction the Braves are going.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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