The design of the Apple Watch Series 8 may be very familiar

Apple is expected to launch the Apple Watch Series 8 at the iPhone 14 event in September this year. We’re about a month away from the event, and a new leak has surfaced about the Apple Watch Series 8, providing some information about the company’s upcoming wearables. Interestingly, it contradicts some information about the design of the watch that appeared earlier.

According to Twitter user Tweet embedThe base models of the Apple Watch Series 8 will feature the same design as the Series 7, disproving previous rumors about the possibility of a new display with flat edges.

Apple Watch Series 8 leak
Note: The information is for Core Series 8 only. No information abt the top version of the atm
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The guide also revealed some details about the cases and colors of the wearables. They believe the base Apple Watch Series 8 models won’t get the titanium case now and will only be available in aluminum and stainless steel cases. Aluminum watch models come in Midnight, Silver, Starlight and (PRODUCT) RED colors, while stainless steel models will get graphite and silver color options. Also, there are no noticeable new sensors included in the watch, according to Tweet embedsource. Interestingly, a previous report claimed that Apple will include a temperature sensor with the Watch Series 8, but this could be exclusive to more expensive models.

Besides, the leaker added that the Apple Watch Series 8 cases will have a stronger sealant adhesive. This is likely to be done to prevent sellers from repacking the box once it has been opened. Finally, they said that the Series 8 will go into mass production later this month, and there will be no delay in its launch.

If true and the Apple Watch Series 8 retains the Series 7 design, it will differ from what some Apple leakers have suggested. In the lead up to the Series 7 announcement, several reports claimed that it will offer an all-new design with flat edges. This, of course, did not happen. People have been saying since then that the Series 8 will introduce the flat design, but if this new rumor is true, it won’t either. It’s impossible to say for sure what we can expect, but whatever happens, it will definitely be interesting.

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