The hierarchy of Henderson’s Silver Knights and Golden Knights has been revealed

If you haven’t already noticed, I took a break from covering the Henderson Silver Knights on a weekly basis with my “Silver Knight Sundays.” The logic is simple, as the Vegas Golden Knights roster is basically half Silver Knights and half Golden Knights due to injuries.

The Golden Knight’s injury crisis this season has forced him to rely on more than a dozen Silver Knights players to fix the squad. Eleven players made their National Hockey League debut with the Golden Knights this season. Not to mention AHL/NHL veterans like Adam Brooks, Derek Poliot and Sven Berchy who all watched the games.

The depth points are huge, especially at the extended range. So with VGK turned off until tomorrow’s match against Kraken, today we’ll be looking at the Silver Knights’ summons hierarchy.

Henderson Silver Knights Call-Up Hierarchy

Obviously, when a player is called, they are likely to replace an injured player in a particular situation. The Golden Knights will not summon Logan Thompson if Mark Stone is injured. B

For the sake of this exercise, let’s assume the Golden Knights are healthy (which may never happen) and start from there.

First contact: Logan Thompson- G

While you can only carry two goalkeepers at a time, I think we all see the potential of Logan Thompson and how ready he is for the National Hockey League. Thompson’s Road to the NHL is another classic tale of hard work and dedication as the 25-year-old goalkeeper has paid his dues in the CHL, ECHL and AHL.

This season he has played in 11 games for the Golden Knights, starting the last eight for VGK with Robin Lehner and Laurent Prosuite both injured. Against the Kraken on Wednesday night, he saved 23 balls in his first NHL save.

Thompson’s emergence as a consistent goalkeeper in the National Hockey League made the goalkeeping position of the Golden Knights even more interesting. With Lehner looking to come back from injury, don’t expect this to be the last we see Logan Thompson in the NHL.

Second Contact- Jake Leschyshyn- F.

We’ve made a huge leap in quality for our next player on the roster, Jake Leschyshyn, who is now on his way to playing more NHL games this season than he has in AHL games. He played 32 matches for VGK this season, scoring one goal, four assists and five points.

A 2017 second-round pick, Leschyshyn was solid for his time in the NHL but not flashy by any means. His glacier time averages 11 minutes per game and has seen some time in the penalty kick.

With countless casualties in the Golden Knights’ attacking group, Leschyshyn has been looked to to repair the VGK Corps alongside the next player on our list.

Third summons – Jonas Rondbjerg- F.

Jake Leschyshyn and Jonas Rondbjerg have been linked together all season for the Golden Knights as they are the two players who are frequently called up when injuries hit VGK in a striker.

Like Leschyshyn, Rondbjerg is on his way to playing more games in the NHL this season than the NHL. Rundberg scored two goals, three assists, five points and an average of less than ten minutes for Debor and the Golden Knights.

On Wednesday evening against Kraken, Rundberg played a strong match with a assist, two penalty kicks tied. With injuries continuing with Keegan Kolisar now out, Rundberg and Lichchen both need to continue their offensive and give the Golden Knights that much-needed secondary scoring.

The Fourth Subpoena – Daniil Mirmanov – D

Daniil Miromanov is a quartet of Silver Knights who are always summoned/sent. The Golden Knights proved themselves deep in defense with Coughlan and Whitecloud’s appearances and Ben Houghton’s signature.

But even then, injuries forced Mirmanov into the squad and he has played 11 National Hockey League games this season, scoring one point with less than ten minutes of icy average time per game.

With the return of Brayden McNab and Alec Martinez, we’ve likely seen Mirmanov’s last game of the season. But it’s nice to know that he always comes back there as an option when the guys get off the Golden Knights.

The Fifth Subpoena – Paul Cotter – F

Now we’re really into the nitty-gritty of the Golden Knights’ summons/summon list as Paul Cotter is our next name. Cotter has only played seven games for the Golden Knights this season, but has scored two goals in those seven games.

Leschyshyn and Rondbjerg might make him unbeatable in terms of overall play, but one thing is for sure Cotter can score in groups. He has 14 goals in 46 games with the Silver Knights this season.

If Cotter can score at a more consistent pace, he could seek a place on the roster in the Golden Knights as soon as possible next season.

The Sixth Summon – Pavel Doroviev – F

Pavel Dorofeev currently leads the Silver Knights in scoring and has been the best player all around this season in offensive form. However, he has been called up by the Golden Knights only a few times this season and has only played one game.

It seems clear that management wants Dorofeev to develop at the Palace before pushing him to the NHL. After all, he is only 21 years old and was recruited in 2019 in the third round.

He’s Darkhorse’s clear choice for next season’s Golden Knights as a player who could come out of nowhere and make the NHL.

Seventh summons – Zack Hayes – D

The following three games are very similar in that they are all young defenders who were called from the Silver Knights who had played a few matches and then were thrown out once the players returned to the Golden Knights.

Zack Hayes is leading the charge as a 22-year-old defender who has played in three games for VGK recently. He averaged 10:53 in those three games.

These three defenders played minutes protected and none of them really showed what they were capable of so far at the NHL level.

Eighth Summoning – Kaidan Korczak – D

While Korczak has played only one NHL game with VGK this season, he has received high praise from coach Peter DeBoer, who stated that Korczak was a player he impressed during training camp.

In his one and only game with the Golden Knights, Korczak played 16:37 and was plus one against the Buffalo Sabers.

The Ninth Subpoena – Brayden Pachall – D

Henderson Silver Knights captain Brayden Patchal was also called up while the Golden Knight’s injuries piled up in defense and played two games.

Again, there’s not much to say about Patchal (yet) as he has a tough road to getting into the National Hockey League on a regular basis with the Golden Knight’s current defensive outlook.

The Tenth Subpoena – Ben Jones – F

Ben Jones may be the most forgotten name the Golden Knights have played for them this season after only playing two games for VGK in November. Since then, the team has gotten healthier and has not needed Jones’ services.

But that didn’t stop him from scoring in the juniors as he goes on his way to more than 30 points and 20 goals in 70 games with the Silver Knights.

Summon Eleventh – Sven Berchy – F

NHL veteran Sven Baertschi’s career is coming to an end, but he’s still making his way into the Golden Knights’ squad for one game in mid-November. Like the Golden Knight Derrick Pouliot now former, Baertschi is less likely and more of a veteran NHL/AHL man who can help Golden Knight prospects thrive.

The Twelfth Subpoena – Jerry Patera – J

Although Jiri Patera isn’t technically an NHL player yet, he was just removed from supporting Logan Thompson in the last set of games. Just Wednesday night against Team Kraken, that streak ended with the return of Robin Lehner.

Patera is the 2017 sixth round pick for the Golden Knights who have been split this season between the ECHL, the AHL and now the NHL.


So what did we learn? Well first of all, the Golden Knights have had a lot of injuries this season which has led them to use a lot of players belonging to the AHL. Second, I think this shows the current lack of depth at the VGK Foundation when it comes to prospects.

People have criticized the departure of men like Nick Suzuki, Cody Glass, Peyton Cripps and Eric Branstrom, and while some of those criticisms are exaggerated, this group of AHL players is an example.

The Golden Knights traded these guys for famous players like Mark Stone and Max Priority. But they haven’t been healthy all season. That left VGK with no prospects left and no one outside Thompson really excelled. Just something to keep an eye on for extended runs.

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