The latest releases from Panasonic and Miir

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This week, we’re highlighting the debut of a travel-size hairdryer, a screw coffee filter for making an easy-to-make cold brew, sustainably sourced sportswear from a major retailer, and a pair of shorts from Well Company—best known for its shorts and a pair of Google earbuds.

New this week

  1. Panasonic has announced the launch of the Nanoe travel hair dryer — a smaller, foldable version of Panasonic’s highly rated Nanoe hair dryer — ideal, the brand says, for frequent travelers or those with limited storage space in their bathrooms.

  2. Miir, which makes one of our favorite travel mugs, has launched a stainless steel Cold Brew filter that mounts on top of any Miir wide mouth bottles so you can brew cold coffee right away. The filter features a handle for ease of use and reduces sediment.

  3. H&M launched a new brand, Move, with a campaign headed by Jane Fonda on Thursday, August 4. The Move collection offers sportswear designed to “bounce, bend, skip and flow,” according to the brand, with materials that are primarily recycled and sustainably sourced.

  4. Historically making shorts (its URL is “”), Chubbies has launched its first pair of shorts, the Everywear Pant, which comes in six different styles. We’ve previously recommended Chubbies for her swim trunks.

  5. Google released Pixel Buds Pro last week in competition with Apple’s AirPods Pro. According to CNBC, the Pixel Buds Pro have a battery life of more than seven hours but are “highly sensitive” to touch, which can disrupt your listening experience.

On sale this week

Here are some of our favorite ongoing sales from brands and retailers we think you should know.

  1. Outdoor Voices is offering 30% off purchases in-store, August 5 through August 7, and sitewide from August 7 through August 8.

  2. Z Grills is offering up to $200 off various grills during the Blowout Summer Sale.

  3. Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering 50% off select items during its Back-to-Class event through August 6.

  4. Nike is offering up to 50% off select sports bras. And through August 6, get an extra 20% off sale items with code SCORE20.

Shopping news: Same-day delivery and back-to-school shopping savings

  1. Amazon is adding same-day delivery to a range of clothing stores like PacSun, Diesel, SuperDry, and GNC for Prime members in select cities. While the service is free for Prime members when they spend $25, it costs $2.99 ​​if they spend less than $25.
  2. I have vivid memories of going to Toys R Us during the holidays as a kid. If you do, too, there’s some good news: Toys R Us, which closed stores in 2018, is returning to traditional stores in its partnership with Macy’s. By October 15, all Macy’s stores in the United States will have a Toys R Us store in store.

  3. CNBC reports that inflation and supply chain issues will affect back-to-school supplies this year — that is, products will be more expensive than usual.

  4. Walmart announced Wednesday, August 3, that it will lay off about 200 corporate employees (so far) due to inflation. She told CNBC that the layoffs would “put the company in a better position for a strong future.”

What did we buy this week?

Justin Krajeski loves how lightweight and vintage the New Balance sneaker looks.Justin Krajeski

I don’t know what happened to me. Although I’ve always considered myself stylish – or at least aware of clothing trends – I’ve never been too interested in shoes. However, towards the end of this summer, I had to pull myself out at least three threads from Reddit about New Balance shoes. I just bought the New Balance 530 sneaker and it’s already my favorite: It has 2000s aesthetics that make it look chunky in every way, and the synthetic upper is lightweight and breathable. I will be wearing it throughout August. Thanks. –Justin KrajeskiAssociate Editor

In her new apartment, Zoe Malin has ditched curtain rods and instead hung nail-less adhesive blinds.
In her new apartment, Zoe Malin has ditched curtain rods and instead hung nail-less adhesive blinds.Zoe Malin

After my unsuccessful attempt to hang a curtain rod in my apartment, I decided to forgo the curtains entirely – they’re not worth the hassle or the holes in the walls. But as the sun kept waking me up at 6:00 in the morning, I knew I needed something. Lots of googling led me to use the nail-free sticky shades from Redi Shade, which are a renter’s dream and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. To hang curtains, you can simply tape them to your window frame. I hung them in minutes and was surprised how strong they were. –Zoe MalinEditing trainee

What we recommended this week

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