The viral kono bag that makes traveling a breeze is back in stock on Amazon

This handy luggage that fits under your seat and saves you on boarding baggage charges is back in stock – and it’s just £17.99 on Amazon

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Chaotic stories of lost baggage, huge queues at bag deliveries, and high baggage fees have recently been dominated by the news, prompting many of us to rethink our usual suitcase.

A handy £17.99 bag of luggage has gone viral as shoppers on TikTok and Amazon praised its spacious design that allowed them to pack for a week while avoiding baggage queues and cost.

Are you looking for a compartment bag under the seat? The Kono Holdall bag has gained traction with its deceptively roomy size that fits all your vacation essentials.

The convenient under-seat airline bag is accepted on almost all major airlines, which means you don’t have to check your bag.


The Kono Holdall bag has gone viral thanks to the ‘tardis’-like shape, a convenient under-seat airline bag that fits airline guidelines

The Kono Holdall compact bag has been accepted on nearly all major airlines around the world, including easyJet, British Airways, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic, to name a few.

To help you comply with airline baggage requirements and avoid additional fees, it is being snapped up by hundreds of pre-summer shoppers.

Amazon shoppers have dubbed the £17.99 Kono Holdall Bag a ‘tardis’, and they rave about the staggering amount that fits in small.

In compliance with the airlines’ hassle-free baggage requirements, you can breathe easy knowing you’ve avoided any additional baggage charges.

Fitted snugly under your seat, it’s cabin-approved even on well-known strict airlines, so you don’t have to check a bag or wait in anticipation to see if your bag makes it to your destination.

The deceptively spacious Kono bag has impressed shoppers with the amount it carries. The bag’s “small on the outside, Mary Poppins style on the inside” continues to sell, as shoppers trade their bag for a smart one.

Measuring 35 x 20 x 20 cm, it means you can ride for free in the cabin when flying with Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Delta and many of the most popular airlines.

Even better, it weighs just 0.3kg and has an impressive capacity of 14 liters, so you can pack all the essentials from light summer clothes, a pair of sandals, sunglasses, books, toiletries and more.

At just £17.99, this is one essential vacation you’ll want to take advantage of.

The Kono Bag is made of sturdy canvas to withstand the rigors of travel as well as protect your contents from water, drinks, rain and other liquids while traveling.

The Kono Bag is made of sturdy canvas to withstand the rigors of travel as well as protect your contents from water, drinks, rain and other liquids while traveling.

The Kono Holdall Bag is a very practical purchase, as not only does it fit a surprising amount of items, it also features two handles at the top with a Velcro clasp for hand-carrying, a length-adjustable shoulder strap for convenience and a custom buckle strap to mount the bag over the extendable trolley handle.

One fan shopper said: ‘The bag that keeps on giving. In an effort to keep to a minimum, use this for three days on a London weekend.’

The more you put, the bigger the bag! Small on the outside, Mary Poppins style on the inside! It is highly recommended. Excellent value for money.’

Another agreed, adding: “They are really cool – they carry more than you would expect and fit perfectly in an airplane seat.

“It has a strap that fits over the suitcase handle, so if you’re traveling solo like me, it’s the perfect solution to a one-handed dilemma of cabin baggage and suitcase.”

The third is written: ‘Surprisingly roomy, fits more than expected.. saves a lot of time going/returning. Highly recommended.’


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