This amazing Nevada theme park is just an hour from Sin City

Vegas’s bright lights are full of fun – but this desert treasure an hour from Sin City makes for a picturesque road trip and outdoor getaway.

There’s no shortage of things to see and do in Las Vegas – from superlative casinos to flashy big-budget shows to world-class restaurants and fabulous lodgings – Sin City has all the hustle and bustle needed to make an unforgettable desert getaway.

However, the landscape around Vegas has its own treasure trove that awaits vacationers looking for an outdoor getaway from the popular NV town: the nearby Valley of Fire State Park. Despite its proximity to Las Vegas, this Mojave Desert gem is often overlooked by travelers who prefer to stick to the bright lights and cheerful ambiance of the strip. However, in this scenic state park, nature lovers will find a plethora of awe-inspiring sights that rival any of the city’s finest man-made creations, a bastion of beauty and geological marvels just an hour from Las Vegas.


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About Valley of Fire State Park

About an hour from Sin City, Valley of Fire State Park is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Nevada. Nestled in the Mojave Desert, the sprawling Valley of Fire State Park is world famous for its distinctive geological features and ancient features – including petrified trees and stone carvings dating back more than 2,000 years. Stunningly bright red sandstone outcrops and valleys amid steep limestone mountains form an impressive (and historical) sight that is a bastion of history and reminds of the 11,000-year-old civilization once housed within the NV desert jewel – officially a state park since 1935 , making it the oldest And the The largest in the entire Silver State.

Valley of Fire: details

Valley of Fire State Park is located about 55 miles from Las Vegas – making it the perfect day trip or weekend getaway from the bright lights of Sin City.

  • Tabuk: 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV
  • hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset. 24 hour access to the camps
  • Entry / Parking: $10 daily use entry fee ($15 for non-NV vehicles); Camping $20 per vehicle per night + $10 hook-up (for non-NV vehicles $25 per vehicle); Bike Income: $2/bike
  • How to get there: Via I-15 North, or 1-515 S via Lake Mead
  • Garden highlights: Stunning views; Scenic Valley of Fire; watching wildlife; Hiking; rocks
  • Optional stops: Lake Med Echo Bay Paradise (via I-515 S); Crystal (via I-15N)

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Hiking in Valley of Fire State Park

One of the best ways to explore the vivid, vibrant rock formations and stunning sandstone settings is to hike through the Valley of Fire – and with a number of trails available for all skill levels, there’s something for everyone from the casual hiker to the adventure addict. to challenge. The best part is that there’s no wrong way to go – every trail is surrounded by warm, sunny colors and an abundance of geological gems.

  • White Domes Trail is a ring just over a mile long running through white sandstone formations; Trunk canyons and stunning desert views (easy)
  • Fire Wave Trail It’s the perfect 1.5-mile hike out and about to experience some of the Valley of Fire’s most vibrant hues: rocky whirlpools and colorful hills all on view amid desert sandstone (easy)
  • Rainbow Vista Trail A round trip of just over a mile, this outdoor and backyard excursion is perfect for the whole family, with stunning views, a path lined with bright red rock formations, and (easy) amazing views.
  • Elephant Rock / Ark Rock / Ark Rock are great landmarks very close to the parking area which offers great pictures, great rock carvings and brighter desert rock formations (Elephant Rock is a short back and forth easy trail)
  • Top of the world arc corridor It’s a roughly 4.5-mile loop that’s perfect for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge—and solitude. It winds its way through the countryside, eventually leading to a dramatic sandstone arch. Hikers should be sure to bring a map or GPS device as there are many branches. (the challenge)

Where to eat near Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire is a great place to picnic and take in the scenery while enjoying a midday peak, Seven sisters’ point of view And the Atlatl Rock Both have picnic tables with great views of the red rocks which are great places to have lunch in the shade. However, those who want to spend the night near the Valley of Fire will undoubtedly look out for some local dining options. Here are some of the best spots within 20 miles of Valley of Fire State Park.

  • pirate landing It is a delicious casual pizzeria in nearby Lugandel
  • Cablp It’s Criss Angel’s Moapa Valley Restaurant – and the menu is as eclectic as the performer himself (don’t forget to try the Italian ice-cream gourmet for dessert!)
  • Inside Scoop It is one of the local and family favorite Overton restaurants serving casual food and delicious ice cream
  • Chile Poblano Mexican Grill It serves the best of authentic Mexican cuisine and is just a short drive away in Moapa.

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Where to stay near Valley of Fire State Park

Although Valley of Fire has two campgrounds of its own that are perfect for spending the night at this beautiful state park (the sunset and sunrise are definitely worth it!), travelers who aren’t too rough can head back to Vegas—or spend the night at one of these nearby lodgings It’s perfect for anyone looking to head to nearby Lake Mead or Hoover Dam the next day.

  • North Shore Inn in Lake Med 520 North Moaba Valley Blvd. Overton, Nevada
  • Hoover Dame Inn and Casino 18,000 US-93, Boulder City, Nevada
  • Boulder Dam Hotel 1305 Arizona Street, Boulder City, Nevada
  • Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina 10,000 Cottonwood Cove Road, Scout, Nevada

While the bright lights and exciting attractions of Las Vegas are an adventure in themselves (the strip! Performances! Roaring vibes!), there are plenty of great things to do outside of Vegas too, especially for intrepid travelers who want to experience the stunning desert scenery surrounding Sin City. . The nearby Valley of Fire State Park is one such place. Less than an hour from Vegas, travelers will feel like they’ve stepped into another world: desert scenery filled with gorgeous rock formations and red rock countryside; Its history and geology go back to the Jurassic period. And countless scenic hikes and photo shoots IG – Valley of Fire is the perfect day trip or weekend getaway from Las Vegas.

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