Three realistic predictions for the 49ers in 2022

With training camp still going and the season approaching, it’s time to discuss the outlook. There’s no doubt that 49ers have a lot of hype going on around the team, but it would be appropriate to step back and examine some realistic expectations this season. I have compiled a list of three predictions:

1. Improved quarterback gameplay

While some fans may consider this premature, I’d say it’s a good time to make this assessment. Trey Lance was given the reins early in the camp and showed several glimpses of greatness in so little time. Lance has done a tremendous job learning the system and there is nothing but praise from those around him. Charvarius Ward recently went on record saying, “He has quiet confidence, that’s how he earned our trust.” Something worth noting is that Deebo Samuel has a contract and now Lance is setting WR1 in stone. In addition, Brandon Ayuk caught fire while camping, making many great shots and showing his full potential. Ayuk also found himself in a fight with Fred Warner and Jimmy Ward, in which he was shown to have a “dawg mentality”. If Aiyuk can translate this into the regular season, he will have 49 elite class receivers who will put the fear of God into opposing defenses. To sum it up, Lance will have plenty of dominant receivers to throw and is in the best shape of any Year 2 player. Expect tremendous things from the young gunslinger.

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