Tottenham Hotspur opens the season against Southampton in London.

A wise man once said in the movie, “Aren’t we just leaving this party?”

In some respects, it looks as though Tottenham Hotspur have finalized Norwich City 5-0 to take fourth and such a vital place in the Champions League. Now, it’s August, and we’re ready to go into the 2022-23 Premier League kick-off.

Spurs opened their campaign against Southampton and are expected to play at least two of their illustrious little cars, including veteran full back Ivan Perisic. Clement Lenglet might get a nod at LCB too given that Ben Davies is still working on fitness. We could see alternate appearances from the likes of Yves Bisuma and Richarlison as well. [Ed: Richarlison is suspended for this match, whoops]

Southampton’s summer wasn’t bad, although it may have been a bit disappointing for the south coast club. They have focused on youngsters in their transfers as the top four players, in terms of cost, are 20 or younger. We’ll see if the Saints plan to integrate them right away or give them time with the youngsters before they raise them, but there is no notable signature for a team that needs some revamping.

Antonio Conte has spent the past few weeks speaking like a man on a mission and buying into the whole long-term future of Tottenham. The best way to start things off is to get three points, so let’s do just that.

line up

how to watch

Tottenham Hotspur vs Southampton

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, England

When: 3:00pm UK time, 10:00am EST

Television: no one

flow: Peacock (USA), Dazen (Canada)

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