Transferring salary and making qualifications

The Pittsburgh Penguins probably already have the final list. It is possible that they do not. The NHL salary cap has become a nuisance this summer, sort of like the 55-mph speed limit in the middle of the night on a lonely highway. Almost half of the GMs in the league have succumbed to the temptation to get there faster and go over the speed limit.

The red and blue reels aren’t yet in the rear-view mirror of Penguins GM Ron Hextall, but the Penguins and at least 12 other teams are all heading toward the speed trap that marks the start of training camp in about five weeks.

Then things will get really fun.

Two Pittsburgh Penguins Facts and a Lie:

Penguins can get under the salary cap without making a deal. – Reality

can hurt. Maybe it will hurt. However, the Penguins could swing under the NHL pay cap without making a deal by sending Ty Smith and Drew O’Connor to WBS Penguins, then subjecting another player to exemptions.

Mark Friedman, Chad Rohwedel and Beau Joseph will be the main candidates. All three will likely be snapped up on concessions, and the penguins will lack sufficient resources to summon a player to replace them in the short term.

Joseph and Friedman will be a particularly bitter pill because Friedman appears to be making his strides – the brave defender briefly replaced Marcus Peterson in the Penguins’ squad late last season and played well in two playoffs. On a team that doesn’t have a lot of physical energy, Friedman is the kind of “wild guy” who moves fate, sometimes to the chagrin of coach Mike Sullivan.

“You know, we want him to play his game. We want him to be what he is, but he has to make sure he stays on the right side of the line,” Sullivan said in early March. shapes. Thus, we don’t want to be a team that defeats ourselves, we want to be a team that plays on our strengths.”

The quote “Wild Man” came from Brian Rost, who said it in a very positive way.

And Friedman scored a penalty kick (27 minutes) more than he did (23) and added that material element to the blue line. Statistics according to MoneyPuck.

After three professional seasons, Joseph is still amazingly skilled but still full of potential more than production. The 22-year-old defender has as much chance of going through concessions as it does for me to sign. no one.

The penguins will hold the playoffs in 2023 – the truth

Perennial rival, Washington Capitals, would struggle without Niklas Backstrom. Tom Wilson is also expected to come out in the first half of the season. The big addition for Washington this summer was Dylan Strom, who put in passable points with the Chicago Blackhawks, but didn’t excel in a strong two-way match.

It is a temporary alternative until or if Backstrom returns from hip surgery.

New Jersey added stealth players like Doge Hamilton and Thomas Tatar last summer and Ondrej Balat this summer. The Vitek Vanecek would be an upgrade in the target, albeit unsurprisingly. New Jersey could catch on fire as former first overall pick Jack Hughes continues his strides, but New Jersey is not in the League of the Penguins, nor with the New York Rangers or the Carolina Hurricanes.

The same goes for Columbus Blue Jackets. Both teams are improved and can fight for a wild spot, but the Metro Division is the uncharacteristically heavyweight this season. The penguins are part of the first three obvious teams.

The Penguins are the same old team that lost four consecutive series – LIE

Look no further than the right side of the Pittsburgh Penguins defense. It was the job of promoting John Marino and Chad Ruhwedel to Jeff Petry and Jan Rutta.

This is a big change and many upgrades.

Also, call me crazy, but there seems to be a different energy with the return of Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang. There was joy at Letang’s press conference at the NHL Draft in Montreal.

All sides had a chance to look into the abyss. They have come to a crossroads, especially in the case of Evgeny Malkin, and are ready to move forward. The exhilaration of completing contracts, if it were my guest, would rejuvenate a bit of the fighting spirit. They only have a few opportunities, and they know it, which would create even more desperation.

Add Ricardo Raquel to the mix, too.

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