Trey Mancini wins the Grand Slam

Cleveland – Tre Mancini waited one game between his first and second astro start. After hitting fifth in the lineup as Friday’s designated hitter, he didn’t make the Astros wait long to reap the benefits.

Mancini’s first Grand Slam title, undoubtedly a shot in the third inning, was also his third home career in Houston’s uniform. Two happened on Friday as Mancini led the Astros to a 9-3 victory over the Guardians at Progressive Field.

Astros Insider: Trey Mancini adds more firepower to the loaded lineup

In addition to Mancini’s five RBIs, he led each of the three hitters atop Houston’s lineup — Jose Altuff, Yuli Gurriel and Yordan Alvarez — and nine-hole Martin Maldonado.

The Guardians started righthander Hunter Gaddis on the hill on his MLB debut. He was less a hunter and more of a sacrificial lamb. The Astros attacked him for eight wins over seven hits and two pacers across 3 1/3 innings.

Altuve, Alvarez, Mancini, Maldonado and Alex Bregman all enjoyed multiple hit games. Eight of the nine players in Houston’s starting lineup have had success, all but short-term player Jeremy Peña. Stranded quarterback Jake Myers smashed to dryness 0-for-8 with a brace in the eighth inning.

Framber Valdez, the Astros writer, averaged 5.25 times support during his first 20 starts. He got so much more on Friday.

Houston briefly slipped by running before Mancini hit the plate on his first hit with one exit in the second half. He punched a 1-2 breaker over the center court wall, his second home run in as many games as Astro, and tied the game.

In the next inning, Maldonado catalyzed an explosion with one base stroke. Altuve pushed one volley through the middle, and one later RBI scored for Alvarez on Maldonado’s goal to give Houston their first lead. Bregman walked to load the bases with two Mancini directors.

The former Oriol led the count 3-0, missed a fastball, then hit another fastball 377 feet to the left—a Grand Slam.

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Chas McCormick led the number four with a walk before Maldonado’s single propelled him to the record center. The Altuve duo took one jump to the court wall and sent McCormick home, Jadis off the hill.

Guardians savior Sam Hentigs took on the task to finish the fourth inning. The Astros scored an extra inning on the field for Gurriel’s RBI before the frame expired, then added again against Enyel De Los Santos on the Maldonado fly in the eighth inning.

Aside from delivering a solo home run to Rosario in his seventh stadium of the game, Valdes was consistent through six rounds. The southpaw collapsed in the seventh inning, when he allowed a run twice and carried the bases with one before being pulled from the game. Seth Martinez replaced him and lured two back-to-back hitters to escape a base-loaded jam.

Martinez’s cleanup assignment allowed Valdez to score his 18th straight start. It resulted in three runs, seven hits, three runs and three hits on 91 grounds. Rosario’s home run was only the second that an opponent has hit a lonely Valdez ball this season.

Martinez and Brian Abreu banded together to secure the Astros’ last eight finals, keeping the name synonymous with the man who destroyed them at their bat.

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