What LIV’s criticism of Tiger Woods revealed about his growth as a sports icon

Tiger Woods did not utter his words on LIV Golf at the Open Championships in St Andrews.

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In his more than 30 years as a broadcaster, Mike Terrico has been privileged to witness the accomplishments of many of the world’s best athletes, including the entirety of Tiger Woods’ career, which has given him a unique insider’s perspective on Woods’ important contributions to the game.

On this week’s episode of Subpar, Terrico told hosts Colt Knust and Drew Stoltz why he thinks Woods’ comments at the Open Championship in St Andrews about the dangers of defecting from LIV Golf represent a defining moment for the 15-time main champ.

Tiger Woods Walks In St Andrews

According to Mike Terrico, it was like watching Tiger Woods’ historic career turning 18 in St Andrews.


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“I thought what he said about the PGA Tour and the LIV Tour, and the differences between the two, the man for a quarter of a century has been the face of the PGA Tour,” said Terriko. “He put money in the pockets of more people – including all the players on the LIV Tour. All the players on the LIV Tour, the boatload PGA Tour makes more money because of Tiger Woods’ tenure. You can’t argue with that statement.

“We’re all on TV, the importance of golf, it’s all because of one man,” he continued. And it’s been her face for 25 years, since ‘Hello, world,’ in Milwaukee. And for the first time, it really stepped up to be The A voice in golf, he presses on the majors, and puts him there just for these guys. “Hey, you know what, you might never experience what we’re seeing right now if you go there and you can’t get into majors.” It was wonderful to see him. I’m glad he used that moment to play a card he’s never played before.”

Stoltz then stated that Woods’ comments on LIV were particularly interesting because Woods had rarely chosen to express an opinion on controversial topics over the course of his career.

Trico agreed and compared Woods to Michael Jordan, who was also known for his impartiality in public when it came to potentially contentious issues during the NBA.

Tiger Woods Walking Championships Open

Norman says Tiger Woods’ LIV Golf bid was “close” to $700-800 million


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“Sometimes when you don’t say anything, and you don’t want to share what you think, once or twice you do it, it’s 20 times more powerful than the one who always yells at the top of it,” said Terico. And that’s what happened with Tiger. Finally, Tiger said, once and for all, ‘I’m going to talk, that’s what I think, and since I don’t do it all the time, you should probably stop and pay attention.’

More info from Tirico, including what it was like watching Woods walk the 18th on St.

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