Why did the Seahawks release Jahri Evans 2016 after signing it six years ago Saturday

On Saturday, the Seattle Seahawks will hit the field in Lumen for a brawl at training camp. The simulated game will be the first chance for many fans to see the freshman pair tackle the Hawks during the first two days of the draft, Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas in person. It is fitting that the brawl comes on the sixth anniversary of the Seahawks’ six-time signature Pro Bowler and four-time All Pro guard, Jahri Evans.

Part of the reason it’s so opportune is that 2016 was also the last time the Seahawks spent two picks in the first three rounds on offensive navigators, and there’s no debate about how that happened in Seattle. Also, the mention of 2016 and the selection of German Ivede and Reis Odhiambo allow the use of this sausage, which is likely to be withdrawn a lot during the 2022 season.

Bringing the discussion back to Evans, however, the question many Seattle fans are still asking is why the team released him less than a month later and nobody with experience started guarding through the 2016 season. Now, six years later, the answer is a little clearer and a little easier. in understanding.

Specifically, to get a clear understanding of “why?” Behind the decision to release Evans, consider the second game between the Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams during the 2017 season.

The Rams entered the bout with a powerful attack backed by fiery young coach Sean McVeigh, while the Hawks entered as a battered group already losing Cliff Avril, Richard Sherman and Cam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner playing through a hamstring injury. . The progress of the NFC West was on the line, and the visiting Rams left no doubt as the Hawks shrieked loudly in every aspect of the game. Los Angeles opened 34-0 in the first half and led 40 before the Seahawks scored. The bombing was so bad that Russell Wilson was pulled over for Austin Davis in the final offensive series for the Seattle game.

Now, the reasoning behind Evans’ release has nothing to do with the actual on-field performance of the Seahawks against the Rams in Week 15 of the 2017 season. Instead, what’s important to understand is how long ago you’ve played this game. Fans can feel free to think about wherever they were when I played that game, and while it was some time ago, it was an ugly enough game that most fans would be able to remember where they were when it was appropriate to go ahead and close the book on Legion of Owls.

The reason this game has been so important for so long is because around the same time that the Rams and Seahawks game started, on the other side of the country in Charlotte, Jahri Evans was out of the NFL field for the last time during his football career.

In contrast, since Evans last played in the NFL, Seattle’s top two guards in 2016, Mark Glowinsky and Evede, have 112 joint games and played 7,304 regular season shots and both are still touring the league. Offseason Glow has signed a three-year contract with the New York Giants and is widely expected to be one of the starting guards for the G Men. Meanwhile, Ifedi has signed with the Atlanta Falcons where he is expected to compete in the first round 2019 Kaleb McGary to be the right tackle to start.

In addition to what they’ve done in the time since Evans last played, Ifedi and Glowinski likely have several years left in their careers. Glowinsky just turned 30 in May and, as noted, is entering the first year of a three-year career, and Evdi turns just 28 in June.

All this having to do with the 2022 Seahawks is that it’s a reminder that young offensive linemen, like Damien Lewis and Charles Cross, and whether it’s Jake Curhan, Abe Lucas or Stone Forsythe who get the nod, it’s very likely there will be growing pains, a lot Of which. As noted in July, the Seahawks are an injury to Gabe Jackson far from starting a younger, less experienced offensive streak than the 2016 group, and while there’s no doubting the group’s potential, it’s almost certain that he’ll have bouts and starts all the way to reach that potential.

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