Wolves dominate Mountain View Golf Course – NBC Bay Area

Wolves took over a golf course in Mountain View and the players were fine with the animals, until they started scaring the kids and staff.

I thought ‘Hey what’s this thing these guys are doing?’ golfer Biff Gauch said. “At first I thought it was a dog, someone had taken their dog out but then I realized it was different and not very healthy.”

She said that there was no cause for concern, the animal simply looked at her and then continued on its way.

But staff at Shoreline Golf Links said this is just one of at least three wolves now calling a golf course home.

They said they constantly find dead geese and squirrels in the parking lot and around the golf course, but they say the real problem is how bold and fearless coyotes are.

Golfers reported seeing coyotes running down the fairway with geese in their mouths, and just this week, golf coaches said a coyote followed a group of kids on the cart track, which is a real concern for the approximately 80 kids who attend golf camps here each week .

“It’s scary, I think they should be moved somewhere else, as there are hardly any kids,” said golfer Tim Nguyen.

Staff said they have been in contact with the city and biologists who told them the wolves are not aggressive, but staff and some golfers fear the situation could escalate.

“If they chase the kids, the likelihood of them being chased again is very likely,” Nguyen said.

The NBC Bay Area has reached out to the city and the Department of Fish and Wildlife, but no one has yet heard of it.

Meanwhile, golfers and geese are staying in groups in the hope that these wolves will find another place they call home.

The City of Mountain View issues the following statement:

The City of Mountain View is aware of a pair of wolves seen on the Shoreline in the Mountain View Wildlife and Recreation Area including recently on the golf course at Shoreline Golf Links. It is not uncommon for coyotes, which are an important part of the natural food chain, to be in this habitat. On Wednesday, July 20, the city learned of a case involving a coyote in close contact with golf course sponsors including some golf camp participants. Due to concerns about reducing wolves’ fear of people, the city has reached out to the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to help with the situation.

In the meantime, visitors to the shoreline should be aware of the presence of coyotes and take appropriate precautions. Here are some tips from the Santa Clara County Vector Control District on how people and coyotes get along. Any unusual activity is reported by Brady Roybosch, Coastline Manager, at 650-903-6066.

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