2022 505 Pre-World at the Royal Yacht Club Cork

2022505 Before the World at the Royal Yacht Club Cork – Day 2

By Jordan Spencer Aug 6 13:19 PDT
3-13 August 2022

505 Pre-Worlds at Crosshaven Day 2 © Christophe Favreau / www.christophefavreau.com

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Day two of the 505 Pre-Worlds races in Cork, Ireland saw the last three races of the six race series and there was an intense title fight.

The conditions were different but they were the same yesterday. PRO kept the fleet ashore where the dominant Nor-Wester was expected to die and spin to the south or southwest. Expectations came true and the fleet headed for the light sea breeze.

The race was a two-cycle downwind and the third added a triangle.

The first race was set at 190 degrees with the breeze around 6-8kn. Conditions were not stable, with temperatures rising to 20-30 degrees early on. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great gate boat race, it was local Alex Barry who is the head of the organizing committee for the event, sailing with Richie Leonard having duties and struggles. The boats that worked in the middle seemed to have benefited the most. The star of the show was Stuart McNay and Caleb Payne. They won against Yesterday’s Boat Nathan Batchelor and Sam Payne.

The second race had a huge swing to the right just as the race started. With the start of the gate, this track saw the fleet being stormed, causing a very rare abandonment of this race. The cycle was reset to 220 and we were on our way again. For this race, Ian Pennell and Karl Smit the gate and they didn’t get any love. Once again, the star of the show was McNay and Paine, winning in lighting conditions on stages. Immediately behind them were Morgan Pinckney and Garrett Brown. At 18 and the second youngest in the fleet, Morgan has been sailing on Long Beach with Howie Hamlin and friends who are quickly learning the ropes. He and Garrett look forward to matching merchandise at the forefront of a high-quality fleet. The third boat was Batchelor and Pascoe (7 points after 5 races with a drop), which made up a big fight for the series with McNay and Paine (9 points after 5 races with a drop), as we entered the last race.

Race 3 finally saw the gate boat have some love Andy Beckman and Reeve Dunn had their duties and they continued hard to the right to make a huge lead in the top scores. Keep working right into the next hit, stretching at a good pace. Meanwhile, McNay and Paine were one place ahead of Batchelor and Pascoe in third and fourth places, respectively. In the end, the two teams swapped positions to ensure Batchelor and Pascoe win the pre-world.

Tomorrow comes an extraordinary day when the sailors will have time to complete their final preparations. The race for the World Championship begins on Monday, August 8, with conditions looking very light until Thursday. If so, it could be one of the two boats that featured in the pre-world championships to win the award.

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