Chiar discusses the rise of Kalulu, Leo, Tonali, the Scudetto, and being a “hermit” while recovering.

During the friendly victory over Marseille in France, Simon Kiar finally got a few minutes in his legs after serving more than 240 days with an injury.

Eight months after the serious knee ligament injury he sustained against Genoa, Kjaer got his first taste in proper match time as he played for a few minutes to wrap up the match against Marseille, and did so with a smile on his face.

Fikayo Tomori and Pierre Kalolo may be the starting duo at the start of the season, but we shouldn’t forget how important the Dane is to

Kjaer was interviewed for SportWeek – the weekly magazine for La Gazzetta dello Sport – and talked about a number of different topics including his recovery from injury, the Scudetto, the upcoming season and the appearance of Pierre Calolo. His comments were relayed by PianetaMilan.

About the injury: “I’ve never had such a serious injury, and for the first time in my career I had to go through a period where I’m working on my own, away from the rest of the team. Pretend to be a hermit, one of those who live in the woods, separated from everything and everyone,” my mother said.

“I totally felt it. Yes, the club was close to me, my teammates wrote to me encouraging me, but in the end I had to get up at 8 in the morning every day to work until 8 in the evening: therapy, re-education, and alone with a physiotherapist. So I said to myself, if I look like a hermit, so be it: I’ll only cut my beard when I get back to work with the team.”

On the Scudetto: “We won it all together. We celebrated like champions should do. I usually keep things inside, but sometimes I manage to get them out.”

About Daniel Maldini: “It seemed to me that Daniel Maldini has matured and is more prepared. I hope he can prove that at Spezia where he went on loan. The club performed well because they need to play.

In Leao and Tonali: “They are no longer children, they have to grow up tremendously. What they did last year is no longer enough. Leao has extraordinary qualities, and therefore cannot afford games in which one sees little: he must always be decisive. If he can achieve these jump, he can become one of the top five in the world.”

On Origi: “I was with him at Lille, he was a kid, and now I expect a champion who makes a difference because he has everything to be one, speed, physique and footwork. He grows and carves out an important role.”

In Kalolo: “Pierre has had a great season. From my point of view, he’s not competitive. If I do my job, if I’m okay, there is only one person who can make the decision, Pioli. Then I can get angry with him, but not with Kalolo, Tomori or Gabba because they are Teammates and one of them will be by my side on the field. I will need them, help them, so that they are never competitive. I know I won’t play 45 games this year. There will be chances for everyone, but obviously I want to play. When the derby takes place I want to play.”

On Milan not a Scudetto favourite: The opponents were aggressive in the market. When there were ten matches left, no one believed in the Scudetto. Now it’s more difficult because everyone wants to beat the Italian champions. But we can still grow. Nobody here in Milan has finished doing that yet. Even we are old: if the body begins to fall apart, the head must move faster.”

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