Finding a great gambling return isn’t easy, but Busch loves Husker’s possible options

Bill Bush And his squad units do not pick up scabies from last year in their meetings. Not at this point. Not even in the spring.

“There won’t be a single time out of my mouth, do you remember last year?” It’s over last year and I don’t deal with that at all.”

But it goes without saying that anyone who was on the Nebraska football team in 2021 can remember how shaky comeback decisions could set a bad tone for Week Zero, as Nebraska gave up the first points for Illinois last year when he was a former NU featured player. Cam Taylor Britt Try to put a kick inside Zone 2, eventually drift into the end zone and try to flip the ball forward out of bounds.

Two enemy points were the result of that mess. Looking at it after his Husker career, Taylor Brett told reporters it was about trying to do too much early in the year.

It is a difficult task, requiring split-second intelligence. Courage too. Bush said his bet’s payoff is the most important after his wife and children.

“They are my favorite people on the whole team. It takes a lot of guts to be back in the gamble. This is the guy where you’re a real guy to stand there and get the ball right there 45 yards with break time and the wind and all that stuff. It takes a special player. Private really wants to do it and has the skill to do it — and has the strength to do it, said the coach.

He hopes to have at least one of these guys, if not more. What was thought to be a strong possibility in the spring is still so in the fall, with Tree Palmer Maybe in line to be the best player out there to start the season. He’s clearly someone Bush has known since his time at LSU, and the coach loved his softness. Palmer was also a heckuva baseball player who also came with a talent for tracking the ball.

He’s also had 23 bait kick returns for 188 yards and one touchdown at LSU, which is already more than many players are back there.

“Tree will definitely be our best bet when the boat comes back,” Bush said this week.

“The special teams are other than me,” Palmer added. “I just go out there and perform. I don’t go out and think about it – I just perform.”

The coach is also male Isaiah Garcia Castaneda By doing well in this business, back to the corner Tommy Hillwith Brody belt And the Oliver Martin Also options. Bush stated that Martin was “bringing us some stuff in some security situations.” Bush added, “We’ve supported ourselves in this area a lot.”

But it’s not easy to make this part of the game stand out – here or anywhere.

Only 14 FBS players averaged more than 10 yards per kick back last year — and that obviously counts for the explosive plays that make the mean jump. Only 50 players nationally averaged over 3.5 per comeback.

Nebraska in 2021? Once again, we are the ones looking back, not Bush. But the Huskers only had 27 yards last year. That’s total. Not cool, Bob.

However, only 33 teams had over 200 yards per season.

“There is clearly a greater here,” Bush said, with De’Mornay Pierson-El’s 2014 bombing still dancing among some of the occasional Husker fans. “But if you went through college last year, you might list 20 quarterbacks or 40 linebackers that you like. Don’t score that there are 45 players coming back for games that have been great. No, there aren’t. A small bunch of elite gamblers really. That’s how hard it is. to be that man.”

This does not mean that this man can not be found. Oh, to find that guy who can change a tight game standing there. Of course ball security is at the top of the list with this functionality as well.

And as Bush said, those men in front of him are helping him better. Get it started. Protect the bettor at all costs, he told those in the special teams room. “He won’t take a bullet.”

Then after that, it’s up to this guy to make someone miss a couple of episodes. It remains to be seen if Nebraska has found this man. But as a good starting point, last year’s week zero doesn’t have to be this year’s week zero.

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