New Formula 1 rules could allow Williams to catch up very quickly: PlanetF1

Alex Albon of Williams believes organizational changes for 2022 mean teams will never be destined to stay behind.

Albon believes the nature of F1’s new rules means a struggling team can always work its way to the top.

Regulations introduced for 2022 saw a transition to ground-impact machines, with the goal of improving supply and allowing for closer racing. Apart from this, the sports rules were modified, as well as the financial regulations imposed in the form of a budget cap.

This means teams have the maximum amount of money to spend each season, with the 2022 limit initially set at $140 million – that number has since been revised to allow for unprecedented inflation.

There is also a “sliding scale” entry for wind tunnel and CFD time (Computational Fluid Dynamics), which means the top teams get fewer hours than those at the bottom of the group.

Albon is confident Williams can bridge the gap

With regulations for cars remaining very similar for next year, Albon believes the rules mean teams like Williams, who currently support the constructors’ championship, can bridge the gap in midfield.

“The way I see it now is that [the rest of the season is] Really good chance for teams to recover [and] He told host Matthew Marsh on GoF1.

“The way these cars are, it’s so open, the concepts are so new, you can see a team like us – we’ve completely changed the car philosophy in six months.

“In previous generation cars you spent year after year improving what you had, you almost got yourself into a hole because you used every part of the car you could over five years never changing anything.

“Now is the time, with such a new generation of cars, you can really make big decisions, big changes and play catch-up really fast. I say why not?

“We know as a team where we’re struggling, what kind of corner kicks we lose compared to the others. We know why, it’s not something we scratch our heads about.

“And that gives us a clear direction going forward if we can make it happen. Why not? Why can’t we score points more regularly at the end of the season?”

Albon enjoys Williams’ new challenge

This week, Albon put pen to paper to recommit to Williams for 2023, signing a new “multi-year” agreement that sees him take on his role with the team as a long-term project. After spending 2021 on the sidelines as Red Bull’s reserve and development driver, he said he is enjoying a new decade of life with a leadership role at a smaller team.

“I’m enjoying it, I feel like it’s a different kind of role I’ve done this year compared to previous years,” he said. “Obviously, when I got into Formula 1, I really felt like I was learning everything, it was all happening really fast.

“I went straight to Red Bull in six months and it was as if I wasn’t going to say I was expected to know everything, but I had to be on top of my best if I was going to perform.

“Time is so precious and you can’t take it for granted. I feel that during the first year I was away from the sport, that was almost three years at that point of being in Formula One. I came back more experienced and more mature.”

After winning praise from team boss Just Capito, Albon said he feels the team is relying on him more than Red Bull needs.

“I feel like the team relies on my feedback a lot more than Red Bull,” he explained.

“We’re a growing team, and we’re not where we want to be. We have goals going forward. A lot of that is the feedback I give the team and I know how the championship-winning team does things.”

“We need to play some catch-up and what I can bring to the team is some knowledge and some things that Red Bull did differently with Williams and I hope I can bring them to the team in order to speed up that process.”

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