Notable news and notes from Miami Dolphins Training Camp, Day 9

Miami Dolphin defensive tackle Raekwon Davis (98) and Dolphin defensive end Zach Sealer (92) performs a drill during NFL soccer training camp at Baptist Health Training Complex at Hard Rock Stadium on Friday, August 5, 2022 in Miami Gardens , Florida.

Miami Dolphin defensive tackle Raekwon Davis (98) and Dolphin defensive end Zach Sealer (92) performs a drill during NFL soccer training camp at Baptist Health Training Complex at Hard Rock Stadium on Friday, August 5, 2022 in Miami Gardens , Florida.

Day 9 of the Miami Dolphins training camp saw a interception by a young defensive back trying to carve out a place in the league, an up-and-down day from Tua Tagovailoa and a standout from Jaylen Waddle.

Here’s what happened at Saturday’s training:

Today’s stars

▪ wobble:

He made a few catches to make big gains, including 65 yards of catch and escape from Tagovailoa to land. That pass to Waddle covered 25 air yards, with Waddle landing next, bypassing the defenders pursuing them. Waddle finished the practice with a TD skew pass for 10 yards from Tagovailoa.

Waddle lived camp very well, making use of the colored contact lenses that coach Mike McDaniel suggested he wear. In the reception room, give an honorable mention to Erik Ezukanma, who had another good day on Saturday.

▪ Teddy Bridgewater:

The reserve quarterback did very well for the second day in a row, completing passes of 15 yards or more to Tyreek Hill, Waddle, River Cracraft and Raheem Mostert. He also made a very deep pass to Brylon Sanders, who brought it down. Bridgewater hasn’t intercepted a road in several days.

And an honorable mention to Skyler Thompson, who first threw his interception in camp but threw several big throws for a long win.

▪ Running Defense:

The defensive line and linebacker held at least half a dozen wins for minimal gains. Andrew Van Ginkel, Duke Riley, Christian Wilkins, Melvin Ingram and Zach Siler all stopped.

▪ Noah Eggbinogen and Veron McKinley III:

McKinley intercepted Skylar Thompson, and Igbinoghene had a contested interception of Tagovailoa. It was not clear if Igbinogene managed to catch the ball cleanly.

playing today

▪ McKinley, the untrained freshman from Oregon, dived into Thompson’s interception, the first interception in training camp for both players.

Tagovailoa, Bridgewater and Thompson all threw passes into the net from 45 yards, to the delight of the crowd. Tagoviloa raised his fist, and the crowd erupted, after the second time he hit the net. Bridgewater has also accomplished this feat twice.

▪ Tanner Conner, an Idaho wide receiver, made a long Thompson catch. Conner has had three long receptions over the past three practices. It makes a strong case for coaching team composition.

Igbinoghene got a good break for a pass from Tagovailoa and appeared to intercept it diving to the ground, although it was not clear if Igbinoghene held the ball long enough to be called INT. The trail was intended for Waddle. (Igbinoghene also halted a running play without profit.)

▪ Ezukanma jumped to pick up a 45-yard pass from Thompson, beating Tino Ellis. The novice uses his 6-2 size and power to hit the constantly contested catch.


▪ The Connor Williams Center continued to have some difficulty picking up. None of his shots were too bad in camp, but then again, a few were a bit loud.

Tagoviloa knocked out a few passes, including one to Waddle (covered by Jevon Holland) and another to Cedric Wilson Jr.

Tagovailoa was 1 for 4 in the first set of 11 in 11 exercises, with Chase Edmonds getting the only completion.

He then threw the disputed selection to Igbinoghene in the second set of 11 of 11 seconds and failed to connect with Hill in a long pass down with double coverage.

And Xavien Howard broke Tagoviloa’s pass for a third.

On the plus side, Tagovailoa made two beautiful throws to Waddle for big gains, cutting both passes 20-30 yards in the air. Tagovailoa threaded the needle into one of those throws. He then finished the exercise with a 10-yard throw to Waddle in the end zone; The pass veered but Waddle grabbed it.

▪ Although Thompson threw his first interception for the match, he was otherwise very good, completing 20-plus yard passes to Waddle and Connor (for long wins) and two passes to Ezukanma, who jumped over Tino Ellis to drop one and score on a touchdown. 45 yards on the other.

▪ Hill earned big from running a play. Waddle made modest gains from the running play.

▪ Wilkins wore the orange jersey, which means the coaches honored him as the best performer in Friday’s training. The player wearing the orange jersey gets to choose the music that is played during training.

^ Edmunds flopped early in practice and Holland recovered. Holland was Oregon’s takeaway machine, and that skill translated into the NFL.

▪ Linebacker Andrew van Ginkel – in competition with Melvin Ingram – had a very good camp, with at least four sacks. He took Bridgewater out of pocket with more pressure on Saturday.

Cornback Trail Williams, in competition with Igbinoghene for job #4, had good coverage on Hill on a deep throw from Tagovailoa.

Availability Report

▪ Cornerback Byron Jones (Ankle/Achilles), Quarter Michael Deiter (Foot), Clayton Fejedelem Safety (Undisclosed Injury), Sheldrick Redwine (Undisclosed Injury) and Hammers Thomas Morstead (Undisclosed Injury) were not observed during training.

▪ Running back Sonny Michel, linebacker Ingram, running back Raheem Mostert and linebacker Alec Ingold participated in parts of the training. They are in maintenance programs following injuries or previous surgeries.

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