Should New York Islanders Retire With Ed Westphal’s Number 18?

Ed Westphal He was a Native New Yorker and the team’s first captain. Two-time Stanley Cup champion with Boston Bruins, “18” scored the first goal in the series’ history and was assigned to teach Bill Torey List of talented young people how to win and how to become a professional.

In the New York Post, columnist Larry Brooks Explains why the 81-year-old Westfall should join dynasty-era islanders in the rafters of the UBS Arena during the team’s 50th anniversary.

“The anniversary also creates an opportunity for Islanders to celebrate Ed Westfall, now 81, by retiring their first captain’s number 18 and elevating the jersey to the top of the UBS Arena – where he will rightly join Clark Gillies’ No. 5 Denis Botvin. No. 9, Brian Trotier’s No. No. 19, Mike Posey No. 22, Bob Nystrom No. 23, John Tonelli No. 27, Billy Smith No. 31 and Butch Goring No. 91.”

Larry Brooks, New York Post

Except for “Mr. Elander.” Bob Nystrom Who, like Westfall, played on the inaugural team 1972-73 and scored the most famous goal in franchise history, all retired numbers belonging to the Hall of Famers that won all four of the Stanley Cups. That changed in February 2020 when the organization decided to retire No. 27 from John Tonelli And the Butch Goring No. 91.

When that happened, it showed that the monarchy had the desire to expand the list of players receiving the highest honor a player’s privilege could give – to retire their jersey number. If Tonelli and Goring meet the standard, what about it Bob Born? Could there be an issue Ken Morrow? How about one of the most productive post-dynastic players in history, Pat Lafontaine? Where is the new line drawn?

Those reading may vary, but I’ve always had a very high level of retired T-shirt numbers. For me, something is off when a number is passed for decades before it gets hung in the rafters. It takes something away from him.

A year after Westfall retired in 1979, the number 18 was handed over to him Alex McKendry Who played only two games in the 1979-80 season. From there, no player wore the number again until 1992. If there was a time to retire with his number, it would likely have been during that window when Westfall was still a huge part of the organization’s fabric as SportsChannel Color TV Analyst working in tandem Giggs MacDonald. after, after Rob DeMayo She wore it in 1992, and it was included in the notable No. 18 Marty McInnesAnd the Mike SelingerAnd the Ryan Strome, of course Anthony Bouvier. Side note: It’s great that the first and last goal at the Nassau Coliseum was scored by a player wearing the number 18.

Besides Giggs, Eddie Gilly taught hockey. I have a weakness for him and I keep seeing him in action and hearing his special voice. But the team should not give up its number.

Ed Westfall, Giggs MacDonald

The organization did indeed honor Westfall by inducting him into the Team Hall of Fame on November 19, 2011. On the night of ‘Ed Westfall’, he was celebrated during a pre-match party and then returned to the booth with Jiggs to call in for the second period between two former teams, the Isle of Man and the Bruins.

Hall of Fame honors for islanders have long been overlooked and belittled. That changed with the UBS Arena where the team’s Hall of Fame panels were prominently and beautifully displayed in the main aisle. There is now a place for younger audiences to go and learn about the island’s first captain and a man of color during the dynasty.

A new sign is not required to properly acknowledge the “18” effect made on the franchise. We know and we must make sure that future generations of fans do too.

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