The Dallas Cowboys keep kicking themselves

The attitude that is taken for granted is a kicker, but the Dallas Cowboys know better than to take it for granted. Greg Zuerlein’s release was a kick-start for special teams coordinator John Fassell, who he trained with the Rams for a number of years together.

However, the league’s worst 24 missed points in total kicks (field goals and extra points combined) were enough for the Cowboys to say enough.

Next, the Cowboys awarded the signature of Jonathan Garibai, and the return of Yerim Hajarullah, to coach Vasyl, a competition from the men he loves himself. With free rookie agent Garibay as the frontrunner, though Hajrullahu has played for the Cowboys in a match in 2021. He makes all his kicks.

How did they look?

Unfortunately, results have been mixed at best. None of the hitters consistently kicks from close or long range. Shortening kicks or bumping outside. At the moment, Hajrallah has a slight command, but it is ugly.

On the other hand, there have been positive cases as well. From both kickers. Hijrallah showed the same precision that led to his return, and Garibai showed his strength.

The same strength that the Dallas Cowboys wanted out of Texas Tech.

Granted, it’s still early days in preparation for the new season. There are instances of wind affecting the ball, as well Bad shots of Jake McQuaide.

Owner’s opinion

Regardless of the difference, owner Jerry Jones claims to be unfazed by the number of fouls both players make.

“I know we’re braving there against the wind there. I’d like to see them in the calm of the field. Hitting those 32 yards which happens to be the plus point. Let’s get that down. That’s where I want consistency.”

other options?

As far as it can be, the Dallas Cowboys only take the blame if another problem arises from this season. While letting Zuerlein go, they chose not to use a potential draft pick on a higher lifter, or explore other options.

Right now, the kicker market is very thin. The most experienced players are Michael Badgley, Matthew Wright, Matt Amendola and former Dallas Cowboys player Kay Forpath.

Unfortunately, the market is not much better than what is currently in the camp.

the truth

In all likelihood, this competition will continue until the final pre-season game at home against the Seattle Seahawks. Meaning, if this discrepancy persists, we may not see the front office address the situation until a few games into the season.

The rinse-and-repeat technique of setting a glaring weakness appears to be the cowboy’s preference. It’s still early days, but one or both of these players will need to kick in the games to relieve the obvious anxiety.

Mandatory credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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