The latest update proves that Shohei Ohtani will not join the Yankees after 2023

Although they haven’t caught any big fish – Andrew Benentende, Frankie Montas and Scott Evros likely tag below – the recently passed trade deadline has proven that the New York Yankees intend to go on a big game catch this season to improve their World Championship hopes. Regardless of whether they’ve won it all this year.

According to reports, the AL East leaders participated in the Juan Soto lottery before the 23-year-old phenomenon was distributed to San Diego.

Perhaps most noteworthy, though, is that the Yankees made a “serious” Angel show that always disappointed Shohei Ohtani, in John Hyman from The New York Post. Ohtani’s trade has never been realistic, but the two-way sensation may not be long for Anaheim as the team continues to falter despite boasting two of the game’s biggest stars.

Set to become a free agent after the 2023 season, Otani could turn down the Angels if the club continues to perform mediocre. It looks like this would put the reigning AL MVP in play for the Yankees, but a report from The Athletic’s Jayson Stark suggests that’s not the case.

Don’t count on Shoehi Ohtani joining the Yankees after 2023.

Here’s what an MLB official had to say about Ohtani’s impending free agency.

I don’t think he’s an East Coast guy. My first instinct is to say dodgers or giants. But I actually don’t think he’s going to the Dodgers just because he’s going to look like he’s sticking with angels. I could see him going to Seattle. But the West Coast. This is my guess.

Before Ohtani signed with the Angels during the 2017 off-season, there was a general understanding that the Nippon Ham Fighters star would have preferred to move to a team in a smaller market on the West Coast. Thus, the Mariners, Giants, Dodgers, Padres and Rangers were the finalists to get Ohtani’s signature before Halo eventually won the sweepstakes.

If this executive’s hunch is accurate, it looks like we can repeat 2017 after next season, with the exception of Padres, whose ever-evolving pay schedules will likely put them out of competition with Ohtani.

From a Yankees perspective, it’s best to know ahead of time that they (apparently) have no chance of signing Ohtani. This way they won’t waste any time following all-stars twice and set their sights on other high-profile free agents.

Ohtani is the clear frontrunner of the class, but could include fellow Cassinis Manny Machado (if he chooses), Raphael Devers and Cody Bellinger.

In terms of getting started on the show, the top starters for the show are Luis Castillo, Lucas Giolito, Tyler Glasno, Jack Flaherty, Yoo Darvish and Carlos Rodon, so the Yankees will have plenty of alternatives to follow…even if none of them end up stacking up. For Otani by value as he is one of the most feared hitters in the game and currently boasts a 2.83 ERA as a pitcher.

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