The Panthers won’t choose between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold until they play the Patriots

The Carolina Panthers seem to have settled their midfield position when they traded for Baker Mayfield.

But since dealing with the disgruntled ex-caller from the Cleveland Browns, they confirmed he would be in open competition with incumbent Sam Darnold. On Saturday, coach Matt Roll revealed the earliest date he expects to name a player. Check with him after the Patriots game.

“I won’t schedule a mid-back until after we come back from Patriots week,” Reyol told reporters. “Patriots week is a real test for us. This will really show us where the players are. So we’ll continue to split the cast.”

Until then, Rolle said he may not be ready to make a decision.

“Quarterback for me, as we’ve said all along — when we know, we know,” Ryul continued. “And we won’t be in a hurry.”

The Panthers play preseason on August 13th at Washington Commanders. They play the New England Patriots on August 19 in the second of three pre-season games, nearly three weeks before the September 11 season opener against the Browns. In the meantime, Mayfield and Darnold will split between first- and second-team offense representatives for Carolina at training camp in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Sam Darnold, left, and Baker Mayfield are still involved in the quarterback competition. (AP Photo/Neil Redmond)

Mayfield and Darnold have both been disappointed since being named first and third picks for the 2018 draft. But Mayfield was by far the better pro, completing 61.6% of his passes for 235.4 yards per game with 92 touchdowns and 56 interceptions with Brown. Meanwhile, Darnold completed 59.8% of his passes for 212.5 yards per game with 54 touchdowns and 52 interceptions with the New York Jets and Panthers.

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Ellis Williams of the Charlotte Observer reports that Mayfield also had an advantage in training camp – but only slightly. Bear Williams, Mayfield distinguished himself with his deep throwing ability while Darnold kept things close with completion for running backs and tight ends. Meanwhile, both quarterbacks continue to flip the ball in practice.

“The disappointing thing is that we had two objections,” Ruhl said of Saturday’s training. “Everyone had an objection. We have to protect football.

“But I’ve seen some good things. Both guys have had explosive plays. So we’ll really look at the tape and see who’s mastered the attack and who’s not.”

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