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Created Date: August 06, 2022 07:52 AM

If anyone has any guilt concerns about taking a sortie on salt water, well, it doesn’t get any quieter than this. It is sometimes referred to as a doldrum and is often associated with sailing ships being quenched for weeks. the poem Crusted with an old navigator Tells about such a disaster. Many hunters don’t think highly of such conditions either; Partly because this usually happens when the summer sun is at its zenith and even the fish are better thinking about moving to bath-temperature surface waters.

But, if it’s the calm you want, now is the time. Outside on the banks there will be a few flying fish and the odd bit of bait, but most of what can be seen will be huge tiger sharks basking in the warmth and mysteriously interested in the bait being fired in their direction.

More serious action can be taken than yellowfin tuna, but this species will be active at first light and then again as the sun sets – to seriously avoid the heat of the day. Most hunters have the same kind of things in mind. This leaves only deep water drag for billfish.

It must seem to many casual readers that the marlin is a mysterious species that suddenly appears in late June in time for a series of big-money tournaments and then miraculously disappears with the departure of the foreign sport fishermen.

This is very far from the truth blue marlin, and to a lesser extent, white marlin are mostly a tropical species that migrate north and south with the seasons. Realistically, there are probably always a few in the local waters, as the marlin is caught every month of the year. During the summer months, fish are present in much greater numbers and, as might be expected, billfishing efforts generally coincide with these times. Often there are cases when other fishermen and commercial fishermen are surprised when a marlin appears at an unexpected time and place. Place a spot because they usually prefer deep water from a descent point but more often than not, they will invade shallow water especially if they are looking for bait which has tried to avoid these predators by moving to shallow areas.

Regarding the main migration, the fish usually move into the local waters in late April or May, during these times they tend to be larger fish. The numbers increase as summer progresses with a lot going on during July, which is why they get a lot of attention from boaters and the media at the time. Despite the effort waning, there is still plenty going through August through September.

As the season progresses, the fish seem to be getting smaller and this indicates that the males are more numerous later in the year. Most large marlins are female and there are plenty of fish in the 125 to 250 pound range during late summer. Nothing exclusive, mind. Big fish were caught in October. The real change comes from hunters preparing to catch the wahoo as the autumnal race of this desirable and marketable species begins in late August or September and largely monopolizes the attention of hunters.

So, just in case the weekend prompts any billfish ideas, this weekend will see the launch of the 10th Marlin launch challenge. Although this event includes cash prizes, the amounts are not in the same category as the recently completed events and are geared more towards local fishing enthusiasts. All billfishes will be released, so there will be no fish in the pier. The only possible exception is if someone is lucky enough to set a world record – this, although not impossible, is unlikely.

Another way to beat the heat is to fish at night. There are two types suitable for this type of fishing: the yellow-tailed snapper will bite through the night once a favorite spot has been established, and the whitewater snapper offers some light action and plenty of good eating for those who limit themselves to channel waters. While none of this compares to the excitement that comes with spring hunting or the rush of autumnal activity that awaits us, both offer the casual hunter an alternative to tolerating the heat and humidity that characterizes August.

As another group that will benefit from the general malaise, young fishermen should be reminded that August 14th will be their chance to shine. Online entry to www.bermudaanglersclub.com. All winners will go out and entrants can fish from shore or boat and all age groups until 16 are represented. Bermuda Anglers deserves to be commended for having a big event for the island’s youth during the summer when they are out of school and eventually quite a bit. After all, this is the time to introduce the next generation to the fun and weaknesses associated with Tight Lines!!!

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