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It has finally happened. Your girl squad or extended family has decided to take a group cruise vacation for life. There’s only one problem: seeing their Vacai is on an expensive luxury cruise while your bank account indicates that the alternative would be more acceptable. do not worry. It is as easy to make a luxury cruise as affordable as it is to upgrade a budget cruise into a luxury experience.

While your travel team may opt for a higher priced sailing option, you can control your bottom line by being a budget expert with your experiences. Ready to save before you book and once on the ship of your dreams? Read on for tips and tricks to make a luxury cruise accessible to all. And then, don’t miss the Top 10 American Cities Every Traveler Should See.

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Even before boarding a cruise ship, travelers can start saving during the booking process. Study the best time of year to book a cruise, schedule a sail when school is in session to avoid spring break prices, and find out how to maximize your dollar value. This means a little research to look at the perks, incentives, and deals you can take advantage of through the various loyalty and membership programs.

Belong to Costco? Search the Costco Travel website for member discounts. Do you have a motor club membership? Get free credits on board with AAA Vacations. Or go to the frequent flyer program to get travel booking incentives. Case in point, Delta travel website SkyMiles Cruises enchants its travelers with rewards miles for simply booking through its online travel agency. Cruisers can earn up to 30,000 SkyMiles – which can be used to book future flights.

The best part about using travel friendly booking sites is that cruisers can still earn perks and loyalty points on their preferred cruise line as well as airline or membership program incentives. When booking a Norwegian cruise line sailing through SkyMiles Cruises, travelers can earn extra airline miles and hundreds of dollars in in-flight credit, while saving up to 35% off cruise fares.

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Domestic cruise ship cabin
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While your friends or family members may opt for an upscale experience by booking a large suite or deluxe balcony room, savvy spenders can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by choosing a more modest cabin. The interior rooms, although without windows, offer some of the best service at sea by offering high-end amenities, dedicated hosts, and 24-hour room service.

When choosing your cabin, consider the amount of time you may actually spend in your room. Probably not much, because the cruise activities and activities will keep you busy day and night. You need a comfortable space to sleep and shower, but after that, the entire cruise ship is your home away from home, so you’ll spend very little time indoors.

While indoor cabins can offer the biggest discounts, those who rely on some view of the outside world can still save through Oceanview or the porthole. With a 6-day Pacific Wine Country cruise aboard the Discovery Princess, for example, boardrooms typically start at $398 per person, Oceanview cabins increase the fare to about $647, while junior suites may be offered around $848.

Bar area on a cruise ship
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When you find a great base price for a cruise, it may look like you’ve won the lottery. Due to the addition of mandatory port taxes and fees, your bill balloons before you even consider an unlimited drink package all inclusive. Regardless of the cruise line, a premium drink package can only be a good deal if you actually consume more than a handful of cocktails per day.

This option comes at a higher cost, however, for those who want to keep on budget, an eclectic approach may be better. Cruise lines usually offer water, coffee, tea, lemonade, and some juice for free, so it’s totally possible to stick with the free sip. When it’s a good cocktail, a single drink may seem expensive at $10-15, but if you only enjoy a few drinks on each cruise, this is the way to save money.

Some cruise lines, such as Carnival, allow passengers to bring soda cans and a bottle of wine on board, so you can enjoy in-person viewing whenever you want for a fraction of the prices on board. For extra savings on alcohol, keep an eye out for free bubbles at art shows or spa tours, happy hours with two-for-one deals, or discounts on wine bottles during dinner on the day of departure. Or join a mixed class or wine seminar to sample multiple drinks at a low fixed price. Norwegian Cruise Line offers the popular Meet the Winemaker Cruise cruise series with meet-and-greet and wine tastings starting at $22 per person. Cheers!

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Close-up of a cell phone on a cruise ship
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While on a luxury vacation, it can be very tempting to scroll through social media and upload your latest snaps and selfies. On cruise ships, though, premium internet packages can cost you a staggering bill. Check if your cellular provider offers cruise packages and compare that to cruise costs while evaluating how much you value your network connection.

travel advisor says Robert Marco. He points out that those who really want to save on Wi-Fi can “wait until you go to the beach to find a café or restaurant that offers free Wi-Fi. The problem with that is that you’ll have to look for such a place and that sometimes requires even valuable time.” in search. ”

If you can bypass an unlimited plan, put your phone in airplane mode to avoid roaming charges and stick to free sites on the cruise line app. Most offer easy, free access to daily news sites, a chat feature for free or for a small fee, and hourly Wi-Fi if you really need a connection here or there.

cruise ship theater
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Once unplugged from social media, you’ll discover a whole world of live theater and music shows offered for free on board. Norwegian Cruise Line brings Broadway and West End productions aboard its fleet, with popular shows like the Jersey Boys, Kinky Boots, and Choir of Man attracting a crowded audience for free evening shows.

Guests aboard Royal Caribbean will also find Broadway shows included in the standard cruise fare. The Tony Award winning list includes Kittens, Grease, Hairspray, and Mamma Mia! For example, but not limited. When planning vacations on land in New York City, Broadway shows are an expensive component, so including such entertainment in your cruise vacation is a great money-saving deal.

Do you prefer pop and rock songs? The new Discovery Princess cruise ship has launched a new production show, Spotlight Bar, filled with masterfully arranged chart covers with an adorable dance crew that tells the story of the bar and its customers. Audiences can expect to hear the songs of Sarah Bareilles, Camila Cabello, Justin Timberlake, Lil Nas X, and Billy Ray Cyrus. Another complementary entertainment show, this one frankly offers some of the best sea dance shows.

Buffet on a cruise ship
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One of the notable perks of sailing is the dining set included in the base fare. Think sophisticated dining rooms, celebrity chef joints, and a popular cruise buffet. “I was really making the most of the free unlimited buffet at Norwegian’s Garden Café,” he says. Sarah Daniel, a travel and lifestyle writer from New Zealand. “It’s abundant in terms of cultural food offerings.”

While travelers will always find their backup favorites, the cruise buffet is also an excellent way to sample cuisines new to you. “Work the buffet as strategically as possible,” he says. Matt RajyantiTravel writer for ESCAPE, Australia. “Try to limit yourself to one type of cuisine per day. Try Italian on day 1, Asian on day 2, Indian on day 3 or whatever. This will make you less likely to get bored of the buffet and go for a run. Those fine dining options.”

Depending on the cruise line, travelers may also find that additional specialty restaurants already offer a free lunch menu. Carnival, for example, offers options for celebrity chef Guy Fieri day and night, with Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse a particularly popular spot for a free lunch spread. It’s also worth noting that Carnival’s main dining room often offers a free lobster tail theme night, so it’s entirely possible to enjoy fine dining at no extra charge.

A gym on a cruise ship
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“Take advantage of the free gym,” cruise writer Danielle says of the facilities on board Norwegian Bliss. “This isn’t just a gym. Hop on the treadmill and blast away from the view – an endlessly moving panoramic view of oceans and mountains.”

Daniel also says that the best part of sailing along the stunning coast of Alaska is the “priceless but very enjoyable experiences such as being accompanied, in passing, by great humpback whales shipping across the Pacific.” Being immersed in nature or enjoying special moments costs nothing but your time and these activities can provide some of the best vacation memories.

However, there are times when the splurge of self-pampering can be just what you need to elevate your cruise experience. If so, be sure to attend the day spa tours to hear about the best savings and the possibility of receiving package deals. Some services are surprisingly low cost, such as The Enclave at Lotus Spa on Discovery Princess. A one-day ticket to this adults-only thermal suite costs $49, but for a 5-day sail, it’s only $79 for the duration of the cruise. If there’s ever been a great spa deal to take advantage of at sea, it’s The Enclave. And you’ll have a wonderful sense of well-being knowing full well that you haven’t emptied your bank account. Now there is a wonderful holiday moment.

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