A tribute to the golf course’s past

If a member of The Bridge golf club in Bridgehampton, having failed to check his scheduled tee time, drove the fairway to the club to play 18 holes of golf on Saturday 17th September, he would have found the golf course overrun by 334 cars.

They will be on the fairways, the greens, along with the sand traps, up the hills and down the valleys, by the club and the can store, all shining and standing with no one inside.

Cars were driven there at night and earlier in the day on the same road as the golf club lane, but motorists knew that lane by another name – Millstone Turn, and a little later. It’s a long lane – the way to put the pedal on the main metal just before the Milestone turn.

Incredible cars and crowds at The Bridge Motor ShowKevin Arichiga

Yes, the golf club, which opened in 2002, is called The Bridge. But before that, the world-famous 2.8-mile racetrack also known as the bridge occupied this 400-acre property from 1957 to 1992.

During that era, thousands of spectators sat in the stands watching the powerful, high-speed cars of some of the world’s most legendary race car drivers zip through the curves of this track at speeds in excess of 150 mph for the prizes. and prizes.

A top view of the 2022 The Bridge Auto Show
A top view of the 2022 The Bridge Auto Show

But on this day, the golf course called The Bridge, in homage to that ancient era, hosts an exhibition of racing cars, antique cars, demo cars, gull-wing cars, exotic-looking cars, and expensive (think half a million dollars) cars.

It was assembled here on this site by owners from all over the country to be watched by throngs of specially invited guests who, if they chose to come, each paid $225 for the privilege of being there. His festive attire and garden party wear, and for the women, without heels, is perhaps the biggest special event of the 2022 season.

The proceeds benefited Southampton youth services.

1959 Citroen Squale Geneva Car Show.
1959 Citroen Squal The Bridge renamed Richard Mille ClubKieran Patrick

Guests included Christie Brinkley, Candice Bushnell, Jon Bon Jovi, Nicole Miller and others enjoyed a day inside the club, on the golf course and at the pro shop renamed for the day in honor of event promoter Richard Mille, live music, drinks and food from various vendors They occupy interesting booths around the property.

It was a glorious sunny day at the end of summer. The temperature is about 75 degrees. And for those who were there, it was a unique and utterly extraordinary day that will not soon be forgotten.

The Bridge's Richard Mille Club at The Bridge Motor Show
The bridge was temporarily renamed the Richard Mille ClubTony Layakuna

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